Remnant 2: Strange Object | Location and Uses

Remnant 2: Strange Object | Location and Uses: In Remnant 2, Strange Object is an item in the game that is as interesting as its name! You may encounter numerous such items throughout the course of the game, which can be acquired through missions, bosses, and quests. These items can be used for Trading, crafting, questing, and unlocking restricted areas, and more.

Remnant 2: Strange Object | Location and Uses

To solve the puzzles of the game environment, players obtain and carefully use The Strange Object, a special Quest Item. The Strange Object can be acquired in a variety of methods, unlike conventional Key Items, which are often found in designated sections of a location. It could be obtained by beating tough foes or bosses, getting it from NPCs (Non-Playable Characters) as part of the plot, or getting it as a reward for finishing a difficult quest.

In this post, we will embark on a quest of our own, Let us together find out in detail what are Remnant 2 Strange Object, what is the location of these items and to find them and their uses.

Strange Object Location | Remnant 2

“Strange Object” is located in the alluring world of Losomn, a planet in Remnant 2. Three different locations in Losomn possess this special object, each with their own secrets and difficulties.

In Remnant 2, there are three methods to gain this object. Two of them are optional because it relies on which of the two storylines you choose to follow, therefore there are two possibilities to obtain the Strange Object. The following are the methods for obtaining:

  • Beat the Faerin: This is dependent on the tale you chose. You must vanquish either the Faerin or the Faelin. If you choose Faerin, go to the Beatific Gallery in Losomn to defeat the Faerin, and you will be awarded with the Strange Object.
  • Beat the Faelin: If you do not want to fight the Faerin, this is your second alternative. Go to the Malefic Gallery in Losomn and claim your Strange Object to discover the Faelin.
  • Defeat The Nightweaver: A boss in Remnant 2 is The Nightweaver. You will receive the Strange Object if you defeat this beast. This boss is located at The Tormented Asylum.

Strange Object Uses| Remnant 2

Using the Strange Object is straightforward because it only has one use. You can use this item by going to The Labyrinth and handing over the Strange Object to The Keeper. In exchange, The Keeper will offer you the Biome Portal Key, which you can use to enter Leto’s Stash. The Leto’s Stash has two rewards, which are as follows:

Chicago Typewriter: Long Gun


  • Damage: 10
  • RPS: 11
  • Magazine: 80

Leto Mark II Set: Ultra Heavy Armor Set


  • Armor: 168

Weight: 90

  • All Resistances: 10


As you progress through The Labyrinth and discover Leto’s Stash, the game’s narrative unfolds, revealing more about the game’s lore and mysteries. It’s an opportunity to improve your game experience and the advancement of your character.

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