How to break/get into a hive in God of War?

How to break/get into a hive in God of War: If you have been thinking about breaking into a hive in God of War then you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything that you need to know about breaking into a hive in God of War.

How to break into a Hive?

One of the coolest surprises about this game is when you have the occasion to travel from Midgard to Alfheim and figure out the Break Into the Hive God of War mystification. This will allow you to break into the area that the Dark Brownies have taken over and free the light. still, at its entrance, you’ll find further spiderwebs- suchlike red balls.

Nine, in fact, must be extinguished in order to complete the Break Into the Hive God of War mystification. In the first regard, seems simple enough to figure out, but when you actually essay to do it, you can find yourself at a loss as to what the result is. This is where we come in with our walkthrough for this mystification.

Hive in God of War

Break Into the Hive God of War Puzzle Solution and Walkthrough
still, you’ll find it disappears and also incontinently reappears subsequently If you go ahead and throw your Leviathan Axe at one of the red balls. This is because you’ll need to knock several of them at formerly like you have been doing lately in order to complete the Break Into the Hive God of War mystification.

still, there’s a grand aggregate of nine red balls in the area that must be destroyed. However, you might suppose you have to hit all nine ever at formerly, but that isn’t the case at each, If you’re anything like us. Actually, the Break Into the Hive God of War mystification is a simple case of three sets of three balls that have been destroyed together.

Entering in a Hive in God of War

Completing the Break Into the Hive God of War mystification is simple enough, as you all have to do is find each group of three red balls that line up impeccably, take them out, repeat with the other two groups, and bam, you’re done. 

How to Find a Way into the Hive in God of War?

First, simply go towards the hive. Look to the left wing of the hive and there you’ll see a red root. Attack!

Go straight ahead to the entrance to the hive, where the blue light is behind a beachfront, also turn around and look slightly to the right. You should be able to find it.

How to Break into the Hive. To break into the hive during The Light of Alfheim hunt, break the mystification of the area to effectively cut off the root vines by throwing Kratos’s dismissal through the vines in particular arrangements. Make sure to line up your shot and also wind up Kratos’s dismissal gamble by holding the attack button before throwing the dismissal.

Breaking in Hive God of War

Red vines are a type of mystification challenge in God of War. They’re always part of a mystification in which you have to shoot several hearts hanging off them in the quick race, in order to clear the handicap. During the Break into the Hive step of the main story, you’ll have to clear a field of nine red vine hearts in order to open your way.


God of war has an interesting puzzle in the form hive. You can easily break into the hive using the steps mentioned in the article. So that was all on How to break/get into a hive in God of War.

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