How to change your name in Clash Royale?

How to change your name in Clash Royale: If you have been thinking of changing your name in Clash Royale and still haven’t found a way to do it then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you the steps that will help you change your name in Clash Royale.

Change your name in Clash Royale-

Clash Royale is a real-time multiplayer game from the creator of Clash of Clans starring the Royales. This game enables you to collect or upgrade dozens of cards that were featured in Clash of Clans’ colors, defense, and spells. While the game has been around for nearly half a decade, numerous players still wonder how to change their name in Clash Royale.

In Clash Royale, you can earn multiple cards and rewards by unleashing the cases, destroying the halls of your opponents, and winning Crowns from the grand Crown casket. You construct your Battle sundeck to master your opponents and progress to the top through winning in different Arenas.

Also, you can partake in cards with your musketeers and make your battle community. In a gaming community, the in-game name is veritably important, as the name itself suggests the personality of the player. This is a big reason why players choose fancy and swish aliases according to the game they’re playing.

Still, we’ve got you covered in this companion, If you’re still wondering how to go about changing your name in Clash Royale.

1. Click on the Three Bars Button
You can see a button on the top right corner of your game screen, below the gems count. Click to see a list of options to choose from and also click the Settings button.

2. Go to the Settings Option
In the Settings menu, you can find the “ Change Name ” option on the right side of your screen.

New name in Clash Royale

3. Click on Change Name

Advisement will appear in front of you which says that for the first time it’s free to change the name of your character. But in the future, if you want to change your name it’ll bring you Gems( commemoratives or in-game currency). Click “ Okay ” to continue.

Still, to change the name the first time there’s minimal demand. You have to reach King Level 4. But if you’re a player with numerous games under your belt also

Alternate name change – 500 Gems
Third name change – 1000 Gems
Fourth name change – 1500 Gems

Gems required to change name

Each time the name is changed, it’ll bring 500 redundant gems, up to 10,000 gems. In addition, you need to stay 7 days from the last name change to change your name again.

4. Type the New Name for Your Character

Enter your asked name and type it again to confirm your new name. It’s just a small check to insure that players are entering the correct name because coming time you have  to pay for that. Just flashback that the name of your class and retype should match exactly. Unless they’re a perfect dupe, you can’t go on.

5. Type ” CONFIRM ” for Changing Your Name in Clash Royale
This is a means of verification developed to insure that the action is performed by the real stoner. The flashback is that all letters must be subsidized.

Change name in Settings

6. Click ” Okay ”
At last click okay to insure that you have successfully changed your name in Clash Royale.


Changing your name in Clash Royale is an easy task. Changing your name for the first time is free of cost but successive name changes require the expenditure of gems. For each successive name change, additional 500 gems are added to the cost. Players can follow the steps given in the article to successfully change their in-game name.

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