How to play mobile legends on PC?

How to play mobile legends on PC: If you want to play Mobile Legends on PC and have no idea how to do it then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the ways in which you can play Mobile legends on PC.

Top 3 ways to play Mobile Legends on PC-

1. ApowerMirror

The first way to play Mobile Legends on PC is using ApowerMirror. This program is developed to help fanatics image their Android or iOS bias to computers. It can stream contents on Android/ iOS similar to vids, filmland, music, and games to PC. On top of that, it enables you to control your Android bias with the help of a mouse and keyboard. Likewise, the app has erected-  tools that are veritably useful for gamers. For case, if you find an effective strategy, you may record it or take a screenshot to save it for sharing. Let’s see how to play Mobile Legends on PC using ApowerMirror.

  • Visit the sanctioned website of ApowerMirror and click on the Download button to get the app.
  • Launch the program and connect your Android phone to your PC.

Step 1 Via USB string.

Go to Settings> inventor Options> USB debugging. latterly, use a USB string to connect your phone to your PC. Meanwhile, the ApowerMirror app will be downloaded to your phone automatically. After successfully connecting, the valve on “ START NOW ” to image your phone to the PC and control your Android from the PC.

Step 2 Via WiFi

Get your phone and PC connected to the same WiFi network. latterly, launch the ApowerMirror app and click on the blue glass button to search for bias. also elect your computer whose name begins with “ Apowersoft ”.
Android WiFi connection
formerly done, open Mobile Legends and enjoy playing the game using your mouse and keyboard.


Away from mirroring operations, you may use Android parrots. One good illustration is MEmu. This free impersonator provides Windows PC the capability to install and run Android operations. With this, you can install and play thousands of games from the Play Store including Mobile Legends. Just note that the app requires a computer with high performance, or you’ll suffer from a time-to-time pause as well as implicit freezing of the program. Now you can learn about how to install Mobile Legends on a PC using an impersonator.

  • On your cybersurfer, hunt for MEmu, download, and launch it on your computer.
  • Once you’re done setting up, choose your language and click on Install.
  • Hit the Launch button and do to Google Play Store.
  • From there, find Mobile Legends and install it. Configure your account also start your game.
How to play Mobile Legends using MEmu


BlueStacks is another popular impersonator that allows you to have a virtual Android device on Windows PC and Mac. Like MEmu, it’s able of running operations and games. So, you can use this when you want to play Mobile Legends on a wider screen. The advantage of this impersonator is you may set it up using your Google Play account. Therefore, all the games you installed under your old account will show on your new device. This might be a good volition but note that it’s slower compared to other analogous apps. either, it affects your computer performance indeed when it’s not running. still, it’s worth knowing how to download Mobile Legends on PC with BlueStacks since this app is really popular on the request.

  • Start off by installing the app on your computer.
  • Subscribe using your Google account to pierce Google Play Store.
  • From the Store, hunt for Mobile Legends and hit the install button.
  • Set the game just like how you do on real Android bias and start the game.


There are three practical ways that help you play Mobile Legends on the computer. From there, select the most suitable app for you to use. But if you want to save your time configuring and setting up the operations, ApowerMirror should be the stylish choice. Piecemeal from streaming and playing the mobile game directly on PC, you can communicate effectively with your teammates by using the mouse and keyboard. likewise, you can take screenshots and record the gameplay with one click whenever you want to.

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