How to get Tyrs armor in God of War?

How to get Tyrs armor in God of War: If you have still not found a way to get your hands on the Tyrs armor in God of War then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you how can you get Tyrs armor in God of War.

What is the Tyrs armor in God of War?

Týr’s Set is a rare armor set up in God of War( 2018). This armor set subventions the skill Týr’s Luck, which boosts Strength, Defence, and Runic stats when damage is taken.

Armor types-

  • Tyr’s Lost Unity Cuirass Cuirass forged from an immolation made to Týr. Blessed with Týr’s Luck.
  • Tyr’s Lost Unity trials forged from immolation made to Týr. Blessed with Týr’s Luck.
  • Tyr’s Lost Unity Belt Belt forged from immolation made to Týr. Blessed with Týr’s Luck.


Týr’s Set can be upgraded three times within each armor piece. A lot of mystical materials and accouterments are demanded to upgrade the armor.

Kratos wearing Tyr's armor

Trivia about the armor

  • The cuirass drawings are analogous to the bones in Kratos’ God Armor from God of War 2.
  • The wolves on the armor are presumably about Fenrir and Garmr. In the myth, Tyr offerings his hand to bind Fenrir. In Ragnarök, Tyr dies in a collective kill with Garmr, a wolf/ canine.
  • Either that or the wolves could also relate to Sköll and Hati, as Mimir had reflected that the god sounded to like them well enough to cover a massive part of his wall with their imagery.
  • Tyr’s armor, along with Ancient Set and Traveller Set, is an armor in which the NG interpretation looks the same as its non-NG counterpart.
Armor in shop of God of War

How to get the armor?

Way to Get Tyr’s Lost Unity Cuirass casket Armor in God of War-
To admit the form for Tyr’s Lost Unity Cuirass casket Armor in God of War, you have to complete the Dead Freight Wayward Spirit favor. You can start the favor at the Forgotten grottoes wharf, once the water drops sufficiently, northwest of Tyr’s Temple, near the head of the World Serpent. The Spirit is many ways down from the sand. It’ll tell you to kill its former crew that is still walking the earth as Hel- trampers.

Where to find Tyr lost concinnity casket armor God of War?

Track the favor to learn the three locales of the Hel- perambulator gangs. The first bunch is on the Isle of Death, a large islet southwest of the Lake of Nine. The coming bunch is in Iron Cove, farther southwest from the Isle of Death. Incipiently, the wharf at the Niflheim Realm Tower( northeast of Iron Cove) and ride the elevator to the top to find the last group of Hel- trampers. After you’ve cleared out all three groups, go back to the spirit to collect your price.

Kratos after finding Tyr's armor


God of War is an interesting game that has a lot of interesting characters and the characters can wear armor in the game. The armors can vary from character to character. One of the most popular armors of the game is the Tyr armor. You can follow the steps mentioned in the article to collect the Tyr armor materials and also upgrade them.

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