How to Dive Underwater in GTA 5 PS4/PS5?

How to Dive Underwater in GTA 5 PS4/PS5: If you have been thinking about diving underwater in GTA 5 on PS4/PS5 then you are at the right place. After reading this article you will be able to easily dive underwater on your PlayStation 4 and 5.

Dive Aquatic in GTA 5 PS4 at the point when Grand Theft Auto 5 hit the racks, it incontinently came one of the most notorious rounds of the time, and for good explanation. Besides the excitement of stealing vehicles and going on insane grabs, the player is given the occasion to probe the open world in a multifarious way. You can play golf, go to a bar, or voyage each over the beachside. You could take a dip, whether it’s in Michael’s in-ground now and again.

Find a raceway. Since GTA V happens in a space grounded off in California, it isn’t grueling to find a raceway. On the off chance that you’re playing like Michael, you can work on swimming in your yard. Assuming you might want to take a stab at swimming in a more open region, there are a couple of open lakes that feed into the aqueducts.

Dive underwater in GTA V

Enter the water. You can enter the water principally by walking into it. When the depth ignores your personality’s head, they’ll snappily begin traipsing water. Begin swimming. While on a superficial position, use the left stick( PS3/ PS4, Xbox 360/ Xbox One) or WASD keys on the PC to swim advances, in rear, left, or right.

How to Dive Aquatic in Grand Theft Auto 5 on PS4?

After Save your Outfit and Clothes in GTA 5 Online the racks, it incontinently came one of the most notorious rounds of the time, and for good explanation. Notwithstanding the excitement of stealing vehicles and being a finished haul, the player has to probe the open world in different ways. You can play golf, go to a bar or simply drive near the ocean. You could figure out how to dive aquatic in GTA 5, either in Michael’s underground pool or in the factual ocean.

Diving underwater in GTA V

In the rearmost GTA game, the pool regions are veritably far and wide, and they’re by all accounts not the only aquatic regions for disquisition and to look for intriguing effects. Likewise, the material wisdom of the water and wet garments are extraordinary to check out, in light of the fact that they were made at the most elevated position.

Keep in mind, commodity beyond swimming, the swimming moxie assists you with staying aquatic for longer and gives really swimming rate. To be the stylish swoon in Los Santos you need to train hard and take part in colorful contests. also, you can find aquatic fortunes and they’re just at the bottom of the ocean. still, you want exceptional gear or sub.

How do you dive underwater in Grand Theft Auto 5 using the controller?

Begin by running and diving toward the water. formerly in the water, press the Sprint Key( typically LShift) to swim hastily. use directional keys( Up, Down, Left Right, or W, A, S, D) to explore the bearing you maintain that your personality should swim in. Press the Crouch Key (generally LCtrl or C) to dive aquatic.


Diving underwater is a popular feature in GTA 5. It is easy to do it using the controller. You can easily follow the steps given in the article to use this feature. That was all on How to dive underwater in GTA 5 PS4/PS5.

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