How to do Weed Stash Mission in GTA 5?

How to do Weed Stash Mission in GTA 5: If you have been thinking about How to complete the weed stash missions in GTA V then you are at the right place. In this article, we will discuss how to complete those exciting missions. So let us start on today’s topic of How to do a weed stash mission in GTA 5

For completing these missions you need to first find the location of the weed stash and know some other things too.

GTA V has tons of fun operations, both main story and side operations. The operations are generally simple with clear instructions – go to this position, blow up this structure, exclude this target, etc. But with the Grass Roots charge, GTA V takes a riddle route and lets players get lost in the thoroughfares of Los Santos. So, in this composition, we will tell you where the weed caches are in GTA 5.

Grand Theft Auto or simply GTA is an incredibly popular open-world, action-adventure, part- playing open- world game. When GTA V came out in 2013, players were amazed by its amazing plot as well as the beautiful but rough decor and great drugs. The game had the unique point to play as three different characters and shape the story. There have been quite many operations throughout the series which every GTA player remembers. Be it the remote control helicopter and lemon charge of GTA Vice City or the airplane academy charge from GTA San Andreas. Searching for the weed stashes might not be as memorable for some players, but it sure had a lot of them frustrated searching for the caches. Keep reading the composition to detect the caches in GTA 5.

Where are the weed stashes in GTA 5?

The charge begins when Michael or Trevor smokes some really strong weed with Barry. Their body couldn’t handle the strong substance and they start to hallucinate. But Franklin seems to have no problem handling the substance which leads to Barry giving Frank the Grass Roots charge. Now the player has to look for the two caches hidden in the megacity of Los Santos. But looking for the two vehicles with the caches is more grueling than what utmost players are originally supposed. In this composition, we will guide you step by step to the position of the caches.

Weed stash mission of GTA V

Grass Roots Mission – The Volley-

  1.  Go to the timber yard in Murrieta Heights designated by a light green circle on the chart.
  2. Detect the truck with the mound in it. This takes a little driving around to spot the big truck.
  3. Precisely take the truck out of the area as there are police staying outdoors. So, the favored way should be to take the right turn right outside the gate rather than the left wing.
  4. Lose any wanted situations if you’ve gained any.
  5. Drop the truck at Barry’s apartment.
Completing the weed stash mission

Grass Roots Mission– The Drag-

1) Go to Rogers Salvage and Scrapyard just off Alta Street in La Puerta designated on the chart by a green circle.
2) detect the auto in the scrapyard and Franklin will try to start it. The auto won’t start and he calls Barry. After a little talk, Frank hangs up the call.
3) Try to detect the hitch truck in the scrap yard.
4) lug the auto to Barry’s apartment in Vespucci.
5) Leave the vehicle and exit the area.


So this was an article to detect the weed stashes in Grass Roots charge in GTA 5. We hope this companion was suitable to help you complete the charge. Are you wondering if you can cross-play GTA online? 

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