How many characters can be played in GTA V?

How many characters can be played in GTA V: If you have been thinking about how many characters can you play with in GTA V then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the main characters you can play within the game.

Characters in GTA V-

GTA V is a popular game and the game has introduced a lot of characters that are actually playable. Among these characters, some are the protagonist. There are a total of 3 protagonists in the game.

  • Michael
  • Trevor
  • Franklin

1. Michael De Santa

Michael De Santa, formerly Michael Townley, is a sheltered bank purloiner, who, after making a deal with the Federal Investigation Bureau, moves alongside his family to Los Santos, where they live in a nice manse. Unfortunately, his woman, Amanda, constantly spends his plutocrat and the family has came largely dysfunctional over the times. After getting on the wrong side of a Mexican Combination leader, Michael is forced to return to felonious life formerly more, this time, backed by his protege and over-and-coming felonious Franklin Clinton. After his first job, he’s joined by former friend Trevor Philips. Despite a rift in their fellowship after several jobs, including stealing a superweapon from the government, raiding a county bank & an exploration lab for the FIB, they banded together with Franklin and Lester to pull off a final pinch.
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Michael in GTA V

2. Franklin Clinton

Franklin Clinton is a youthful African- American man who dreams of getting big-time in Los Santos, in a world where the glory days of road gangs have long passed. He works as a repo man for a luxury auto dealership, but his ambition makes him tired of the job.
Franklin soon strikes up a fellowship with Michael, one of his reclamation victims, who concurrently got him fired. He helps the formerly-successful bank purloiner, and the two form a strange but close father-son relationship. When they execute a jewelry store pinch, they’re joined by Michael’s partner Trevor Philips. The triad pulls off several jobs, and Trevor and Franklin also do one job together. Franklin ultimately acts as a go-between when Trevor and Michael fall out, still, they’re suitable to put their differences away temporarily to pull off a final pinch.

Franklin is a playble character in GTA V

3. Trevor Philips

Trevor Philips is a mentally unstable redneck and bank purloiner. A former military airman, he grounded himself in Sandy Shores, where he innovated” Trevor Philips Enterprises”, which substantially deals with munitions and medicines. After literacy of the jewelry store pinch in Los Santos, Trevor realizes that his departed mate Michael is alive and well, and sets out to find him. After changing his old friend in Los Santos, the two, backed by Franklin Clinton, are forced to pull off jobs for loose FIB agent Steve Haines. Trevor soon discovers that Michael had betrayed him nine times agone, and the two have a bitter falling out. Fortunately, they manage to put their differences away to pull off a final pinch.

Trevor is a playble character in GTA V.


GTA V has a lot of characters that you can interact with and there are many characters that are playable. The 3 main protagonists of the game are playable and they are Michael, Trevor, and Franklin. So that was all on How many characters can be played in GTA V. Also, read How to add friends on Discord.

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