What is the importance of builder base in COC?

What is the importance of a builder base in COC: If you opened Clash of Clans after a long time and found a new village waiting for you then don’t be surprised. This new village within your main village is the Builder Base. In this article, we will tell you everything about the builder base and how to play it too.

What is the builder base in COC?

The builder base is similar to the main village with some similarities and differences.

Similarities between the two bases-

  • Gold and elixir are also used to produce and upgrade structures and colors. But coffers can not be transferred between the builder base and the home village.
  • On the Builder Base, gems can be collected and used, and they’ve participated throughout townlets.
  • Winning battles earns you glories, which are distinct from the home village glories, and determine the quantum of coffers you admit from a palm.
  • Some of the colors are analogous to those in the home city, but as they’re upgraded, they get specific powers.
  • The Master Builder can upgrade structures, and utmost of them have a figure time that keeps him enthralled until they’re finished.
  • In a new laboratory known as the Star Laboratory, troops can be enhanced.
  • The Builder Barracks can be upgraded to unlock new troops.
  • For the builder base, you use the same player name and player label as the home village, and you’re in the same clan.
  • Magic particulars like the Book of Builder, Book of icons, and Book of Fighting can be employed to upgrade the builder foundation presently.

Differences between the two villages-

  • Rather than having several builders, the Master Builder is the only one.
  • One fight is a head-to-head battle in which each player attacks the other’s base. The player with the most stars and/ or damage is the winner, and he or she earns coffers.
  • When your opponent attacks your base, there’s no protection and you don’t lose any coffers.
  • Rather than a diurnal star perk, there are prices for winning three battles. After which no more coffers may be gained until the coming set of prices is available. If you don’t fulfill the 3 palm perks before the coming bone is ready. It’ll mound, allowing you to get coffers from the coming 6 triumphs.
  • You can change the dogfaces you want to use for the attack before planting your first troop during combat.
  • Special capacities, similar to an advanced damage original attack. Enhanced damage for a brief period, or fresh damage upon destruction, is uncorked as troops are upgraded.
  • Although this capability can be introduced to the home village through the “ Gear Up ” point, sportswoman halls can be toggled between a regular attack and a shorter range, faster rate of fire attack.
  • The Battle Machine is a new idol. The Battle Machine, formerly upgraded to position 5, has a special power analogous to the home village icons. Except it can be employed multitudinous times during a battle. The capability can be employed incontinently after being stationed in battle, still, it has a 14 alternate cooldown before being used again.
  • An army has no troop training costs, and troop training begins as soon as both you and your opponent have completed their attacks.
  • Armies are trained in groups rather than collectively, with one group per army camp, and all camps must be trained before the coming rush.
  • The gem mine is used to introduce an unresistant gem force.
  • The Clock Tower may enhance troop training, Master Builder chores, Battle Machine rejuvenescence, Star Laboratory exploration time, and resource collectors to 8x speed for a limited time.
A builder base in COC

How to reach the builder base?

  • You can reconstruct the boat that carries you to the Builder Base once you reach Town Hall 4. You can travel between the Home Village and the Builder Base by boat. builder base clash of clans
  • The boat appears washed up and wrecked on the South- West sand of the home case before being rebuilt, with an arrow pointing down above it.

When you tap on the boat, you have the option of viewing information on the boat or rebuilding it.

A completely functional boat is displayed on the oceanfront after it has been reconstructed, and tapping on it now returns you to the builder base.

Reach the builder base in Clash of Clans through boat

What is the importance of a builder base in COC?

Gear Up Structures:

Although the builder base is separate from the home vill. Some structures in the home vill can be “ Gear Up ” to offer fresh powers. There are three constructions that can be repaired right now

Cannon – Change between a single shot and a four-shot burst for further DPS but a lower range.
Archer Tower- Switch between Long Range and Fast Attack mode on the Archer Tower for a faster rate of fire but a shorter range.
Mortar- Switch between a single shot and a three-shot burst on the mortar.
To equip a home vill structure, you’ll need enough home vill gold to cover the upgrade cost. And the Master Builder won’t be too busy. The Master Builder won’t be suitable to ameliorate objects in the builder base while he’s preparing a structure in the home vill. To get to his home vill, the Master Builder takes a lower boat. builder base clash of clans

Gain Gems:

Because gems are earned through achievements and the gem mine can be employed in the home city. negotiating some of the achievements and creating the gem mine may be worthwhile.

Unleash a 6th Builder for the Home Village:

It’s possible to make the O.T.T.O Hut once you have upgraded to Builder Hall 9. O.T.T.O is available formerly it has been upgraded to position 5. O.T.T.O is a robot erected by the Master Builder to take over the Builder Base’s major construction conditioning. The Master Builder can now moreover manage an alternate enhancement in the Builder Base or travel to the Home Village as a 6th builder. As long as he isn’t working on an upgrade, he can freely wander between the two agreements.


The builder base is a miniature version of the home village with some differences. There are a lot of advantages of playing the builder base. Some of the advantages like gaining gems and gearing up buildings are very useful in the progress of the main village. That was all on what is the importance of builder base in COC.

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