How To Get Blob Gobs in Fae Farms

How To Get Blob Gobs in Fae Farms: The farming/life simulation genre has exploded in recent years with so many high-quality titles now available on Switch. Fae Farm, from Phoenix Labs, is the genre’s newest entry, with its unique magic-focused premise, RPG elements, and quality-of-life features.

How To Get Blob Gobs in Fae Farms

Since the game is a farming sim, it allows players to harvest different kinds of resources and make use of them in various recipes and materials as they progress. Blob Gobs are one such special item in Fae Farms.

In this article, we will talk about how to get Blob Gobs and what is Blob Gob location in Fae Farms.

What are Blob Gobs In Fae Farm?

Blob gobs are one of the ingredients required in Fae Farm to brew the Fairbreath Potion. Furthermore, Blob Gobs in Fae Farms is a mandatory ingredient to fight off the miasma around the areas of Azoria.

The FairBreath Potion is required to finish the second dungeon in Floating Ruins. This is due to miasma completely covering the second ruin. 

So, with the help of Blob Gobs, players will have an easier time clearing the dungeon using the Fairbreath potion. Because you will encounter miasma later in the game, the potion will be useful throughout.

Players can also find Blog Gobs and collect them during the main story quest Kitchen Witch.

How To Get Blob Gobs in Fae Farms

Blob gobs can be obtained by collecting bloblins in the Fae Critter Conservatory. They can catch these bugs in the forest surrounding Azoria.

However, players must upgrade their bug net to level two in order to capture the bloblin. When their bug level is high enough, they can purchase a bug net level two from the beekeeper and start capturing these bloblins.

How To Get Blob Gobs in Fae Farms

Furthermore, players must be specific with the magical critter bloblin as they only can produce blob gobs by catching the green-colored bloblins.

About Fae Farms

Fae Farm begins with your character discovering a message in a bottle from a distant land in need of a brave and courageous soul. With the promise of a warm welcome and home if any choose to accept.

They set out right away for adventure, only to be caught in a storm and shipwrecked on Azoria. Azoria is in disarray, as dangerous whirlpools prevent anyone from leaving, thick fog blankets the land. Natural disasters such as blizzards and volcanoes have wreaked havoc.

Despite this, the inhabitants seem unconcerned and unwilling to do anything, so it is up to you to restore balance while unraveling the various mysteries of the land.

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