How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms

How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms: Potions are an effective way to improve your experience in Fae Farm. You can get the magical ingredients you need to survive hazardous elements and unlock powerful abilities by combining Farming and Foraging.

How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms

With the first dungeon, Saltwater Mines, Fae Farm introduces you to its dungeon mechanics. You will be a seasoned pro by the time you’re ready to enter the second dungeon, the Floating Ruins. However, there is one significant difference between the first and second dungeons: you will constantly take damage from the miasma infesting the dungeon.

However, there is a potion to help you deal with this and we will talk about it In this article. Let us begin learning How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms.

How To Make Potions in Fae Farms

From the Spooky Woods to the Elf Village, you will have seen small areas of Miasma. They have been insignificant and are easily run over because the effect bar quickly depletes when they are not in direct contact. However, because the miasma has completely flooded the Floating Ruins, you will need to brew Fairbreath Potions to survive.

The first thing you must do before crafting a Fairbreath Potion is to ensure that you have a Potion Brewing Cauldron on your Homestead. Potion Brewing will not be available to you right away in Fae Farm. Instead, you will have to complete the first Dungeon to gain access to it.

Continue through the story until the Saltwater Mines are completely cleared. After completing the “A Watery Wonder” Quest, you will gain access to the Potion Brewing Crafting stations in a subsequent Quest.

Fae Farm Potion Brewing is divided into two sections. First, you must prepare the Potion’s ingredients at a Potion Ingredients Station. After that, you will use a Potion Brewing Cauldron to create the actual Potion.

Preparing Potion Ingredients and brewing Potions, like most other Crafting, takes time. Rather than standing around waiting, start the process of making Ingredients and Potions and then do something else.

How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms

Once you have obtained your new cauldron and are ready to live out your inner teenage witch fantasies, simply interact with it to access the Potions menu. As you progress through the story, you will gain access to new potions to brew.

You can make three different sizes of Fairbreath Potion. The difference between them is how long they are active.

How To Make Fairbreath Potions in Fae Farms

Here is a list of their materials and how much time each Fairbreath potion size lasts in Fae Farms.

Small Fairbreath Potion – Last up to 6 game hours.

  • Steel Cut Clover x2
  • Blob Gobs x1

Medium Fairbreath Potion – Lasts 9 game hours

  • Steel Cut Clover x3
  • Blob Gobs x2
  • Spore Essence x2

Large Fairbreath Potion – Last 12 game hours

  • Steel Cut Clover x4
  • Blob Gobs x3
  • Spore Essence x3
  • Blue Starch Bits x2

All of the ingredients for the Fairbreath Potion are made from the resources you collect during your exploration of the Azoria.

Finally, after some time, you will have your own Fairbreath Potion. With that, you are ready to explore the Floating Ruins and discover the source of the miasma that has been plaguing the Elf Village.

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