How To Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield

How To Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield: The Narwhal is a beacon of desire for players in the vast open-world of the Starfield universe, where countless starships dance among the constellations. It is more than just a status symbol; it is a powerhouse, your very own sky fortress. Players want to own this overpowered space battleship not only for bragging rights, but also because it offers superior utility and capabilities.

How To Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield

In this article, we will talk about how to get Narwhal Ship in Starfield and also take a look at Narwhal Stats, its location, and how to get it for cheap using one of the player traits.

How to Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield?

To obtain this beauty of a ship, you must go to the Taylo Astroneering, which is located in the Ryujin Building Site of Neon Core. As you enter, you will be directed to a door that resembles the image below.

This is an elevator that will take you to various locations. You must choose the Talyo Astroneering as your desired floor and you will be on your way.

How To Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield

When you reach the Talyo Astroneering, exit the elevator and turn right. The Vendor will sell you Narwhal for approximately 450000 Credits, which is a huge sum in Starfield.

Because the Narwhal is a Class C ship, you will also need to improve your piloting skills to at least level 4. Once you have obtained it, you will have access to its impressive stats, which include a large cargo capacity, powerful shields, and a crew of seven.

Narwhal Ship Stats in Starfield

Let’s get into what makes the Narwhal so awesome. It has a fuel capacity of 560 units, a hull strength of 2118 units, and a cargo capacity of 1760 units.

It also has the most crew members of any base ship, at seven. To top it all off, it has a 995-point shield, making it feel almost indestructible in combat.

How to Get Narwhal Ship for Cheap in Starfield?

After creating your character and starting your Starfield Adventure, you will notice that you can unlock a variety of skills that will improve your combat and exploration experience.

One such skill that can help in getting a discount on your Narwhal Ship purchase is the Commerce Skill.

How To Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield

There are numerous shops and vendors scattered throughout the many planets you will visit during your Starfield adventure, but as you might expect, many of the useful items and equipment are not cheap, so you will need to save up a lot of credits, which you can do by completing missions or selling items.

However, as you level up your Commerce skill, you will receive a discount on all items and merchants will pay you more for your valuables.

Now, it comes without surprise that if you wish to buy the Narwhal for a discounted cheap price, you will have to complete quests and improve your player stats to level up your Commerce skill trait.

Once this skill is leveled up to a certain degree, you can just go to the Narwhal ship’s location and use this skill on the vendor. This will allow you to easily by the narwhal for a cheap price.


So, that’s all there is to it for How to Get Narwhal Ship in Starfield. It has the highest attacking, defense, cargo, and crew capacity, among other things. You must go to the Ryujin Area and then to the Talyo Astroneering to obtain it.

The ship can be purchased here for 450k Credits. To receive a discount, significantly improve your starting skills, and use the Narwhal Ship, you must raise your Piloting Skills to Level 4.

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