How to Leave A Crew In PUBG Mobile?

Tencent Games has been overwhelming the versatile gaming experience with its multiplayer well-known games, PUBG portable, and Call Of Duty versatile. Players from around the globe have been on this game since the lockdown started. In light of PUBG portable’s ubiquity, the producers have been continually dealing with new updates and increases for the game.

How to leave a crew in PUBG mobile

The producers have additionally been getting a ton of new highlights and missions for the players. Yet, a portion of the players has been posing a lot of inquiries. A few players have been attempting to sort out some way to leave a faction in PUBG versatile.

There is a simple instructional exercise in the PUBG versatile application itself that will tell the best way to leave a tribe in PUBG portable. Be that as it may, if you actually can’t sort it out, we have spread out a simple procedure to leave a crew in PUBG versatile.

How to leave a crew in pubg mobile

Looking to leave your Clan in PUBG Mobile? We can show you how.

PUBG Season 12 has arisen all of a sudden and the new update will get a lot of new increments.

On the off chance that your Crew isn’t adequate to hang with you any longer, or they simply don’t play nowadays, you’ll need to release them.

Here are how to leave a Crew in PUBG Mobile.

Steps to leave :

  • Click on the crew menu
  • Click on the member option
  • Click on the broken shield that will be located next to the clan name
  • Click on the gear icon if you are the clan leader
  • Then confirm the exit on the pop-up screen
  • If you’re the Crew leader, you’ll need to nominate a new leader before you leave.

leaving a crew in pubg mobile

First, you need to tap on the right side arrow which shows this Crew option. Tap On Crew it will direct you to another page.

Knowing how to leave a crew in pubg mobile

When you reach this page you do not find any option to leave the crew. You need to tap on your Profile Icon.

Getting out from crew in pubg mobile

After that, you get the option to leave the crew. Tap on Leave Crew and you successfully leave the crew.

More about PUBG Mobile after Season 12

The producers likewise got another guide for the exemplary mode called LIVIK. It is a 2km x 2km guide that can take up to 52 players. This guide has been made dependent on real areas in Northern Europe.

It incorporates various areas like, for example, a tropical jungle, desert, cascade, and snowfield. Alongside the guide, the producers likewise two or three new weapons for the game. Presently, the PUBG players have been terrified about the boycott of PUBG versatile in India. This has not been declared authoritatively yet and it may very well influence the creators as it is accounted for that India is their greatest market.

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