How to Play Valorant with Friends

How to Play Valorant with fiends: Valorant is a free-to-play first-person shooter game developed by Riot Games for Microsoft Windows.  Since its release in 2020, the game has taken over big titles such as CS: GO and in some regions even PUBG PC.  The initial concept of Valorant came from a few already established tactical shooter games but overall the game offers a completely new experience while playing. Before we discuss how to play valorant with friends let’s know a little bit more about the game.

The game offers a variety of agents to play with from many classes such as Duelist and Sentinals. It has various game modes like Deathmatch, Spike rush, and Competitive. Different game modes have different play styles to add more there are exciting maps set in different regions of the world. Each map is different and players have to use different statistics to win the game.

It has likewise achieved a monstrous change in the gaming local area with its target and group-based configuration. Since collaboration and cooperative energy are two of the most fundamental components of the 5v5 shooter, it additionally permits a route for gamers to remain associated with the players that they have recently collaborated with. We are providing the details of how to play valorant with friends as gaming with friends takes the gaming experience to a whole new level.

This permits players to remain associated with all their dear companions and furthermore their best partners utilizing the Friends highlight. Thus, let us investigate how to play  Valorant with friends.



Can Valorant be played in Single-player mode?

Valorant doesn’t have any campaign or single-player storyline rather in all game modes the players join in real-time from across the game’s server to compete. There are no bots or AI-generated NPCs in the various game modes so every player you play with is a user like you sitting behind a computer screen. The only place where you can find bots is the training ground. You would have guessed so far that valorant is a real-time FPS multiplayer game.

You need a good and stable internet connection to play Valorant as like every other online FPS game your ping will play a vital role during the game.

Can Valorant be only played with friends?

Valorant can be played in a solo mode or with a maximum of 4 friends so you don’t necessarily need to wait for your friends to get free in order to play Valorant. You can play the game solo and you will be automatically matched with 4 different players of your league if you play modes like Unrated, competitive, and Escalation. Normally it is hard to build a synergy with random gamers while playing online and sometimes you may find players breaching Valorant’s community code, in such cases, you can always report those players as Valorant takes strict actions against such players.

Though you always have the option of heading to the game in solo mode nothing beats the feeling of gaming with friends and winning the rounds with collective efforts right? So lets discuss how to add friends and play Valorant with them.

How to add friends in Valorant?

The steps are quite simple to add friends in Valorant, follow the given steps to quickly add friends-

  1. Open the Valorant application in your PC.
  2. To add friends you need to ask them their username as well as their Riot ID
  3. Click on your player card present at the top right corner of the home window
  4. After clicking on the player card 2 new icons appear on the bottom right corner of the window, click on the left icon(add friend icon)
  5. Upon clicking the add friend icon you will be asked to write you friend’s riot id and username
  6. Fill the fields and then click on add friend

A friend request will be sent to the player whose credentials you entered. Once the player accepts the friend request the player will appear in your friend list from where you can join or invite him/her to play with you.


Valorant Character poster

You can also add your friends to Valorant from the primary menu. At the point when you need to look for a friend, you need to tap on the amplifying glass catch to open pursuit. At that point, you can enter the Riot ID of one of your companions. The Riot ID is really a username with a hashtag followed by a four-digit number. In the event that you have at any point played League of Legends, you will likely have every one of the companions in your Riot account.

By reading this guide this would be clear how to add and play valorant with friends. I think this article must help you to remove your doubts. For more updates on these types of pc, mobile games please subscribe and follow our page. Don’t forget to give your valuable feedback.
Keep gaming!

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