How to Level Up Cards in Clash Royale?

How to level up cards in Clash Royale: Clash Royale is still one of the most loved and played games on mobile. The game receives regular updates and the players always find something interesting to play in the game. The game’s main focus is on the various cards that can be collected at different arenas and deploying them to win multiplayer battles. Cards are the sole method of deploying troops, spells, and buildings onto the battlefield. Deploying cards costs Elixir, which is gradually gained during battle. Cards are primarily obtained by buying them with Gold or Gems in the Shop, or by finding them in Chests. Cards may also be received through trading or clan members fulfilling requests. Duplicate cards obtained will top off an upgrade meter. Once the meter is full, you’ll be able to upgrade the cardboard with Gold. All health and damage statistics are increased by roughly 10% per level. Cards that may spawn troops, like the Goblin Hut and Graveyard, will have their spawned troop level increased by 1 per level.

Types of Cards

There are three main forms of cards: troops, spells, and buildings. Generally, spells are temporary and might be cast anywhere on the battlefield (except The Log, Barbarian Barrel, and Royal Delivery), while buildings (which are stationary and decay over time) and troops (which can move) can only be spawned on the player’s territory (except the Miner and Goblin Drill). There also are 5 card rarities: Common (signified by grey or pale blue), Rare (signified by orange), Epic (signified by purple), Legendary (signified by a rainbow gradient), and Champion (signified by a bright yellow). Each rarity includes a different number of levels.

Common cards have 14 different levels, starting from level 1 to level 14.
Rare cards have 12 different levels, starting from level 3 to level 14.
Epic cards have 9 different levels, starting from level 6 to level 14.
Legendary cards have 6 different levels, starting from level 9 to level 14.
Champion cards have 4 different levels, starting from level 11 to level 14.

Common cards are found in chests so are the rest other cards but not so frequently. Champion cards are not found in regular chests and can only be unlocked at level 14.  Cards can be collected at different arenas but the most important thing is upgrading the cards which you regularly use in your deck. So in this article, we will discuss how to level up cards in Clash Royale.

Why do you need to upgrade cards in Clash Royale?

Since cards are the only means of winning battles in Clash Royale so leveling up cards is very important. Once you get into higher arenas winning battles becomes very hard without upgraded troops. Even to reach the leagues you need upgraded troops at least level 10+. If you upgrade troops to level 13 or to their max level you can even add star levels to them. Star levels add golden customization to the card’s appearance.

How to upgrade cards?

Every upgrade has a minimum amount of cards that need to be collected before you can upgrade that specific card. There are a lot of ways in which cards can be collected in Clash Royale.

Common Cards

  • If you are in a clan you can easily request common cards once every 7 hours and get 40 cards.
  • Common cards can easily be collected by opening any kind of chest in the game
  • You can also trade for common cards with a clanmate using a common card trade token and get 250 cards of your requirement
  • Common cards can also be added by using the common wild cards
  • You may also get common cards in form of some rewards for any special event.

Rare Cards

  • Rare cards can also be requested in a clan and you get 4 rare cards for every request made
  • Rare cards appear in almost every chest but their number is low
  • Rare cards can be exchanged with clan mates and you can get 50 cards using the tokens
  • Rare cards can also be added using rare wild cards
  • In some special events you may get a limited rare cards

Epic Cards

  • Epic cards can also be requested in a clan but once in a week on epic Sunday and you get 4 epic cards.
  • Epic cards appear in some rare chests but their number is low
  • Epic cards can be exchanged with clan mates and you can get 10 cards using the tokens
  • Epic cards can also be added using epic wild cards
  • In some special events you may get a limited Epic cards

Legendary Cards

  • Legendary cards cannot be requested in a clan
  • Legendary cards appear in an only a limited number of chests like the legendary chest and king’s magical chest
  • Legendary  cards can be exchanged with clan mates and you can get 1 card using the tokens
  • Legendary cards can also be added using Legendary wild cards
  • In some special events, you may get a limited Legendary cards

As of now, champion cards are unlocked automatically once you reach level 14 and there is no other way of obtaining them. So these were some of the methods from which you can collect cards and level up them in Clash Royale. Also, read How to log out from Genshin Impact mobile.


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