How to level up fast in Fun Run 3

How to level up fast in Fun Run 3: Fun Run makes a comeback in Fun Run 3: Arena, the third instalment in the Fun Run Saga, with more of the same anarchy and hilarity that you enjoyed in Fun Run and Fun Run 2. Be the quickest runner and smash your opponents in one of the greatest racing games you’ve ever played. The distinctive gameplay of conventional running race games is given a new level of fun with Fun Run 3 Power-ups. You must race against other real individuals while avoiding practically real perils in this humorous internet game. Destroy your opponents all the way to the end.

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Fun Run 3 is without a doubt the best edition in the series. You compete in eight-player races for rewards and glory by sprinting as quickly as you can while using power-ups at the proper time and location. Only the top three finishers will be able to cross the finish line in these events. Other aspects of all game types, in general, include the ability to dodge obstacles and sabotage your opponents, as well as the diversity of weaponry available. Here’s how to level up in the game quickly.

Guide to Level-up

To begin, you’ll need to obtain all of the required XP multipliers.

1.) You get 30 minutes of x2 XP by watching the x2 XP video ad.
2.) Reaching Elite league grants you a tenfold increase in XP.
3.) You can get x2 XP by purchasing the permanent x2 boost (500 gems) in the shop.
4.) Clan assistance (200 gems) grants x1.5 XP for three days.
5.) Spending 30 gems on an XP potion provides you x1.5 XP for three days.
6.) Being a member of a clan with 50 members grants you x2 XP.

10 * 2 * 2 * 2 * 1.5 *1.5 = 180

Every time you get XP, whether from chests, awards, or spins, these multipliers compound to give you x180 XP.

How to gain XP?

1.) Get your two free spins every day.
2.) Finish daily missions.
3.) For each arena season, progress to the Challenger, Gladiator, and Champion tiers to receive the awards.
4.) Play arena on a regular basis and open 12 victory chests.
5.) Go through step 4 again.

How to gain miscellaneous XP in fun run 3 levels up?

1.) Participate in the weekly clan spin.
2.) With recruits, play QP or CB to gain x2 XP for that race.
3.) Get x10 XP for that race by using a Superstar.

Here’s a video on how to level up fast in Fun Run 3

Fun Run 3 is not your typical running game, and as you can see from the visuals, you play as a cute, fluffy animal rather than a human runner. The mechanics are simple enough for the majority of players to enjoy, yet complex enough for those who want more from their running or racing games.

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