How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact has grown in popularity and now has over one million registered users. A variety of intriguing aspects that will keep players engaged are part of the open-world game’s allure. With such a large influx of new players, many of them are seeking for ways to progress through the game and explore its potential.

How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

To that purpose, players engage in a variety of activities in order to gain two types of experience points: Adventure Rank and character level-up points. These two systems work in tandem, and the faster you raise them, the more territory you have to explore throughout the game.

This article will show you how to level up fast in Genshin Impact.

What Are Some of the Fastest Ways to Level Up Characters in Genshin Impact?

In Genshin Impact, you may fast level up your characters in a variety of ways:

1. Stick to the plot.

Completing quests is the most apparent and traditional method of leveling up in Genshin Impact. It’s also one of the most exciting ways to raise your level and Adventure Rank (AR). In most circumstances, completing missions will give you more than one hundred Adventure experience points. This alone takes some time, but it makes a considerable difference.

You can’t repeat your quests once you’ve done them, and if you don’t accomplish anything else, you’ll soon run out of quests.

Nonetheless, they usually come with intriguing narratives and responsibilities. As a result, missions will assist you in leveling up while also providing you with fascinating experiences along the road.

2. Complete Commissions

This might be the quickest method to rack up a significant number of Adventure points without putting in too much effort. Completing Daily Commissions provided by the Adventurer’s Guild might earn you more experience (EXP) than completing main or side tasks.

How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

After visiting Mondstadt and speaking with Katheryne, you’ll receive your Adventurer’s Handbook, which you may access by using the “F1” key on your keyboard. The “Commissions” section is located under the Handbook’s second tab.

You’ll be able to accomplish “four commissions” all throughout the map every day. Getting to destinations will be much easier if you’ve previously unlocked several of your Teleport Waypoints. The commissions require you to complete various duties such as acquiring supplies, making meals, and killing various monsters.

The activities are straightforward and rewarding since each one grants you 200 Adventure experience points. If you complete all four tasks, you will receive 500 additional points. When compared to other techniques, commissions provide a significant level boost due to the minimal work required to complete them.

3. Clear Domains

Completing domains might get you a lot of ranking points. The amount of experience you gain from domains varies, so go over the bounties in the Adventurer’s Handbook beforehand.

When you achieve level 12, you will be able to purchase your first one-time Domain. They are a good place to begin because they may provide you with up to 500 Adventure experience points. However, as the name implies, the reward can only be acquired once.

As a result, recurring Domains compensate more for farming expertise. Cecilia Garden is the first such Domain, and you can visit it after you reach level 16. Each time you complete the Domain, you may gain up to 100 experience points. This might take some time, but Domains provide many additional benefits outside of experience points.

4. Defeat Bosses

If commissions become too monotonous or you have done them all in one day, switching to boss hunting is an excellent option. Look through the Adventure Handbook’s “Bosses” section for one that will grant you Adventure experience points.

How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

Hunting a Ley Line Outcrop boss in Mondstadt, for example, is a sensible choice, especially for newbies to the game. It’s a low-level unit that can be defeated for 100 ranking points. If you’ve advanced further in the game, go for elite and weekly bosses, which give you 200 and 300 points, respectively.

One of the finest aspects of conquering monsters is the possibility to repeat the process as long as you have enough Original Resin to obtain the rewards. A Ley Line Outcrop boss takes 20 Resin to defeat and will respawn in the surrounding region. You can gain up to 600 experience points by beating these bosses with 120 Original Resin.

5. Complete Experience Tasks From the Adventurer’s Handbook

Completing Adventurer’s Handbook experience activities, like quests, is a one-time means of leveling up. The good news is that the benefits are enormous and do not take a significant amount of time. They are also quite simple, and even inexperienced players will have little trouble finishing them.

These duties are classified into “Chapters.” Only once you have completed all of the experience assignments in one Chapter can you proceed to the next. As you advance through the chores, the amount of experience you gain from each grows.

6. Exploring the Map

Roaming the map is an old-school method of gaining experience points. Many various things, such as “Teleport Waypoints” or “Statues of the Seven,” can be discovered for some adventure EXP. You can also seek for “Geoculus” or “Anemoculs” orbs and offer them to the statues for bonus points. While this isn’t a quick way to level up, discovering the map’s wonders is a lot of fun.

How to Level Up Fast in Genshin Impact

7. Harness Materials

Finally, using resources found around Teyvat will yield a massive quantity of experience points. The three goods listed below may be found in treasure chests and are commonly obtained as a prize for completing quests and domains:

  • 1,000 points for Wanderer’s Advice
  • 5,000 points for adventurer’s experience
  • 20,000 points for Hero’s Wit

Another method for gaining Adventurer’s Experience is to activate Outcrops for Blossoms of Revelation distributed across the game’s world. These are blue balls that appear in a variety of settings. They will summon multiple monsters for you to destroy once triggered. Following that, you may receive your prize of around 13 points for Adventurer’s Experience.

After gathering resources, you must activate them by pressing the “level up” button that appears on your character’s screen. You’ll need to ascend them using resources gained from various bosses once they’ve achieved specific levels to level up even higher.

Remember that using these items to level up your character needs Mora (Genshin’s all-purpose currency). You can get a lot of Mora by leveling up more characters, but you can get even more if you take on Blossom of Wealth Ley Line Outcrops.

Although Genshin Impact is an excellent game in its own right, leveling up your characters quickly will allow you to explore this enormous universe sooner. We’ve provided you with several alternatives for gaining experience points. It is up to you to determine how much time you want to devote to improving your ranking and which technique is ideal for you. So, pick your favorites and begin rising.

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