How to manage a Clan in Clash of Clans?

How to manage a Clan in Clash of Clans: If you have no idea how to manage a clan in Clash of Clans then you are at the right place. In this article, we will give you all the tips that are required to successfully manage a clan in Clash of Clans.

Tips to manage Clan in Clash of Clans

Everyone wants to start a clan in COC but not everyone knows how to be a good clan leader. It’s a responsibility that not everyone can handle.

Then we tell you in detail how you can be a good clan leader while achieving heights of fame in Clash of Clans Leagues.

Be a Great Or Good Clan Leader

What’s the difference between a great clan leader and a good clan leader? A Good Clan Leader will solely play for himself whereas a great clan leader will make sure that every member is enjoying the game.

Learn From The Best

If you’re allowed of starting your clan also don’t just start it right down. Join an established and active clan. Learn what makes them a successful clan. Learn how they’ve divided duties among each other. Learn how they treat newbies.
You can learn so numerous effects that can’t only ameliorate your leadership chops but also can drastically ameliorate your gameplay.

Let Your Clan Open for Everyone

If your clan is below 5 members also set the rule “ Anyone can join ”. This way you’ll get further subs in your clan. further members mean that your clan position will ameliorate fleetly. Still, Be conservative in that you don’t keep poisonous members in the clan. If you find anyone breaking the clan rules also protest them out.

Have a Fix Set of Rules

Every Clan is run by rules. What are your rules? What’s the aphorism of your clan? Does your clan go to war constantly? Is your clan active only to give donations? Does your clan bear a minimal TH position or jewel position to join?

Piecemeal from this, you can set introductory rules like no abusing, no bullying, etc. Similar rules can help newbies to grow as a player in your clan.

Be the supportive leader of your Clan

After all, this is the name of the game – CLASH OF CLANS. What good a clan would be if it doesn’t go to war constantly? You can have daily wars or bi-weekly wars. numerous clans indeed share in diurnal wars.
Clan wars can ameliorate cling among members of the clan. But always flash back You win some war you lose some war. noway let your members fight among themselves for loss. This is the quality of a good clan leader.

Keep the donations coming

Do members of your clan face draught of clan castle troops? You must make sure that every member gets a donation of their choice of troops. Clan Castle colors play a major part in the game. Appoint duties of high-position players to contribute their high-position colors to newbies. This way newbies can fleetly move to the coming TH.

Join Clan war Leagues

You might not play Clan Wars on a diurnal base but you can surely play clan war leagues on a regular base. The league starts on the first of every month. Your clan too can share in the league. You’ll get war palm lagniappes and not only this but you’ll also get league orders. You can buy several magical particulars using these orders.

A clan joining CWL

Have a Fair Game Policy

This means the fair donation, fair strategy, and fair gameplay. If a clan member has performed well in clan war leagues also do award them with perk orders. No way you need to take the side of one member. Always stand by the verity.

Promote Others

COC is each about the platoon. If your clan members are following all the rules and duties as a member also do promote them. You can promote them to elders.
Numerous clans indeed set rules that they will promote the member with the loftiest donation in a month as clan elders. You can set analogous pretensions.

Lead By illustration

Do you want 3 stars from your members? Do you want them to contribute colors? Do you want them to follow clan rules? Also start by setting an illustration. contribute colors. Earn stars for your clan. Don’t put rules on others that you can’t follow.

Clan Description should be informative for managing a clan in clash of clans

Don’t Be Boring

Last but not least – COC is for enjoyment. Make sure you and your clan members are enjoying the game. Don’t pressurize them. A Good Clan leader can also come to a great leader in the real world. COC develops numerous leadership rates in a good clan leader.

Have interesting clan lable


Managing a clan in a Clash of Clans is not an easy task to do. A lot of things have to be considered to successfully run a clan. All the tips have been mentioned in the article. Players can follow the tips given in the article to manage their clans.

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