What is Dark elixir in Clash of Clans?

What is Dark elixir in Clash of Clans: If you are new to Clash of Clans and thinking about what is the Dark elixir then you are at the right place. In this article, we will tell you everything about the Dark elixir, its uses, the troops trained with dark elixir, and everything else.

Dark Elixir in Clash of Clans

Dark elixir is not like the normal elixir you get in Clash of clans. it is much harder to get in the game. Dark elixir gets unlocked at town hall 7 and players below that town hall cannot farm the Dark Elixir. Dark elixir is very hard to farm on the initial town hall levels. You get only one dark elixir drill with which you have to fulfill all your dark elixir needs and unlock the Barbarian King.

What is special about the Dark elixir?

Dark elixir gives you access to heroes and powerful dark troops in Clash of Clans. Apart from the heroes and troops, you can also brew dark spells.

Dark Elixir Storage

Troops and spells unlocked with the Dark Elixir

A lot of troops and spells can be unlocked with the use of Dark elixir in Clash of Clans. These troops are trained in the dark barracks and spells brewed in the dark spell factory. The troops and spells unlocked with the dark elixir are much more stronger and effective than the regular elixir troops and spells. A list of troops and spells unlocked with the DE has been given below-

  • Minions
  • Hog riders
  • Lava Hound
  • Golem
  • Valkyrie
  • Bowler
  • Witch
  • Ice golem
  • Headhunter

Spells unlocked with the dark elixir

  • Poison
  • Earthquake
  • Bat spell
  • Haste
  • Skelton spell

Apart from these CoC has introduced super troops which can only be trained with DE. So a lot of your army composition may consist of troops trained with the DE.

How to farm more Dark Elixir?

Method 1

Upgrade your DE warehouses and drills. This will bring elixir but will make your warehouses have further hitpoints and ameliorate the mining rate of your drills. A position one drill will hold 360 DE in one hour. A maximum drill will hold 800 DE in an hour. This is a veritably significant change in your DE husbandry and you should prioritize upgrading these before your catholicon/ gold collectors and mines.
Make sure you can get on frequently enough. Else, full drills will look veritably seductive to bushwhackers, especially if they are maxed.

Dark elixir drill

Method 2

Collect the DE from its coffers( DE drills). DE drills are the one source to collect dark catholicon without attacking. They fill up every hour with 360 DE at the smallest level. However, you’ll get 2160 dark catholicon, If you collect it 6 times. At maximum position, they hold 800 DE and that is 800 DE if you collect it 6 times. This will make a large difference over time.
You can boost your drills to make them produce faster.

Method 3

Make a good base layout to cover your DE. Put your dark catholicon storehouse in the center along with the clan castle and your idol stages. Have a subcaste of walls around this. In the coming subcaste, put your air defenses, mortars, wizard halls, and lemon palace( s). This will cover your DE against utmost bushwhackers. You can have your town hall in the alternate subcaste of walls to bait bushwhackers who want glories, or you can put it in the center as well.
Putting your town hall in the center will cover your glories, but make your DE more vulnerable.
You can put your DE drills near the center if you wish, although you may not have space.
To make your base stronger against any bushwhacker, make chambers and use your traps wisely.
Make a tesla ranch by your DE storehouse by putting all of them near together. This packs a huge punch and will help cover your DE.

Protect your Dark Elixir

Method 4

Request clan castle reinforcement from your clan. These will help defend your base against bushwhackers. Go to your clan castle and click request. You can ask for specific reinforcements if you would like. It’s recommended to request an Electro Dragon if you have enough space, and fill the remaining space with Valkyries and Wizards. Make sure you do not get wall-combers, overeater riders, titans, or leprechauns.
You can also go to the clan converse tab to request colors.


Dark elixir is an important component of your army training. It is not easy to farm DE. DE helps you unlock a lot of troops, super troops, and dark spells. You can farm more dark elixirs using the tips mentioned in the article.

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