How to Rank Up in Rocket League

How to Rank Up in Rocket League: The game of Rocket League is very intricate. There aren’t many heroes to choose from, numerous game modes, or numerous maps to master, in contrast to other esports. Rocket League is a stand-alone video game with fantastic core gameplay and a ridiculously high skill ceiling.

How to Rank Up in Rocket League

The road to ranking higher might be full of obstacles, just like in any game. This article is intended to assist you in understanding how to rank up in Rocket League from Bronze, all the way to Supersonic Legend (OK, maybe not that high, but hopefully on the right path).

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Rank Bronze to Silver

The Bronze level has its unique beauty. As everyone around you tries to figure out how to merely make touch with the ball, keep in mind to enjoy yourself because this is one of the game’s most basic versions at this stage. However, if you’ve been around for a long and want to advance, here are three useful suggestions.

  1. Turn Off Camera Shake – Camera shaking, which is the game’s default setting, adds an element of realism by making everything feel somewhat more violent when you make contact with the ball. It accomplishes that goal, but it can also be very annoying. In Rocket League, anything that makes it harder for you to follow or hit the ball is a drawback, and camera shake is a significant one.
  2. Be Patient – The ball is designed to be difficult to hit. The game is quite challenging. Without putting in some genuine effort, don’t anticipate beginning to make reliable contact. Your Rocket League rank-up will end before it even starts if you become frustrated early.
How to Rank Up in Rocket League

Rank Silver to Gold

Great, you’ve learned the fundamentals. The fun part is when you get to silver. Although things are still not great, there has been some contact and there have been numerous whiffs to go with it.

Practice Aerials

Do not immediately lose control. In Rocket League, there are two different aerial types. Double jumps and single jump aerials (or fast aerials). Try single leap aerials for now; we’ll discuss fast aerials later. These are straightforward; simply jump up, tilt your car back, and utilize a little boost to get to the ball.

Another advantage of single-jump aerials is that you maintain your flip. In the top ranks, the rapid aerial, which makes use of your flip to get to the ball faster, becomes essential. Initially, concentrate on single-jump aerials. While performing an aerial, you should still be able to reach the ball before your opponents can, and timing your flip once in the air provides for a greater connection.

Rotational Teamwork

The chaos in silver games is still quite high. In comparison to higher rankings, the game’s flow is less obvious. However, you may be the one making an effort to provide your team some stability through rotation.

Rotation simply refers to staying back while your teammate pursues the ball and moving forward after they miss or hit it. Both are crucial. Going too late makes you too passive and increases general confusion while going too early results in double commitments that leave open goals.

The key to winning in Rocket League is scoring goals. Crosses, which are passes from the side that open scoring chances, will be a major source of goals.

Basic Maneuvers

In Silver, focus on learning how to strike the ball into the corners to create excellent scoring opportunities. Simply rolling the ball along the back wall and letting it land in the center will yield the best results. In the future, this will be simpler to defend, and crosses will require the ball to break away from the wall, but for the time being, simply finding out corner angles will result in a lot of scoring opportunities.

Bonus advice: Examine your camera’s settings. By now, the camera wobble should be gone, but adjusting the range of view and angle may assist. If you ever find yourself in a rut, study how the experts build up their scenes; it might help you get out by simply switching things up a little.

Rank Gold to Platinum

Wonderful, you’re progressing. Beginners and expert players are divided by the presence of gold. Players at this level frequently excel at one or two mechanics but struggle with the others.

Fast Aerials

Your competitors will have caught up to the one jump aerial by gold. However, it’s crucial to understand when to apply each one. Single jump aerials are an excellent way to put additional force on the ball if you aren’t being challenged.

But the time has come to start moving. A reliable rapid aerial will knock you down the first 90% of the time in gold when the ball is in the air. It’s also a good time to miss so you can practice afterward. The practice you gain here will be invaluable once you reach Platinum, even if it takes you a little longer.

Fast aerial is undoubtedly the most challenging and crucial individual Rocket League mechanic for ranking higher. Former NRG player Jayson “Fireburner” Nunez has provided a video explanation regarding how to do it:

Strong Hits

Yes, a significant portion of the game is played in the air, but the best players are also adept at playing on the ground. Having a powerful swing alone can be sufficient to get you to Platinum.

Although it’s desirable to strike the ball as it makes contact with the ground, it’s preferable to be a little late than a little early. This is how you cross-field clear a risky ball using your side of the field. By mastering these hits, you can even score on a team that isn’t rotating well in your half.

Although clearing isn’t usually the greatest move, it’s frequently the best one when you’re the last one back to give your squad time to regroup. It may even directly result in scoring chances in Gold.

Learn to Relax

Gold is frequently when heart rates start to somewhat increase. The game gets faster, your teammates can be scattered, and while you’ve put together a few good plays in the past, you can’t do it consistently.

Use this period as a learning opportunity rather than a race to Platinum. When your turn in the rotation comes, try to jump off the wall and hit the ball. It probably won’t work very frequently, but as you advance in level, it only gets harder to practice in-game settings. This is an excellent area to hone your abilities, realize that you still have room for improvement, and unwind while playing. Ranking up won’t happen under pressure, but rather by continuing to enjoy the game and observing your progress.

How to Rank Up in Rocket League

Rank Platinum to Diamond (Rank up fast in Rocket League)

If you are a Plat, you probably feel fairly fantastic. Platinum requires an impressive amount of skills. However, appearances can be deceiving because the traditional platinum trap is easily reached.

Don’t be Toxic

Most likely, you aren’t as competent as you believe you are. For precisely this reason, Platinum is renowned as being the most toxic rank in Rocket League. Some people become proficient at aerial but are unable to rotate or maintain consistent contact, believing they are the next big thing while being held back by their colleagues. You are in Platinum for a reason as long as you are there.

Given your weaknesses, it can be simple to become fixated on those of your opponents. Avoid falling for that trap. You aren’t admitting your errors if you hold your teammates accountable for game losses. You will probably be met with a few toxic teammates or fury quitters in return. Simply turn off fast chat totally and concentrate on your own game if it’s interfering with it. As solo queuing becomes increasingly difficult starting with Platinum, this is also an excellent spot to look for a reliable pair or three-person team to play with.

Warm-up in Freeplay

As I indicated in the last section, plat makes practicing in-game challenging. Although silly, toxic teammates may suddenly furiously quit, which would also impair your gaming experience.

It’s beneficial to establish a routine where you spend 10 to 15 minutes in free play working on your aerials, dribbles, or other desired skills. The training packets might help you establish a routine. Play a few casual games where you can launch yourself for as many shots as you like next.

Spending just 30 minutes on warm-up games will help you rank up considerably faster than if you use that time to play ranked matches. There’s a reason why practically all players at the Champ level begin in this manner. The easiest approach to joining ranked while warmed up and prepared to play is to do this.

Practice Rebound Shots

Fast aerials are one method of ascending to a high ball, while simple use of the built-in ramps is another. Your perspective of the field will be slightly distorted by the walls, especially at first. The walls become a powerful weapon in Platinum. You can snuff out clears, make difficult-to-stop crosses, and reach balls other players can’t by learning how to angle your jumps off of them.

At this point, there’s no need to air drip off the wall. Just get comfortable leaping off walls, angling your car appropriately with an air roll, and landing hard with a flip. How many goals you can snipe just by being strong against the walls will surprise you. At this time, air rolling is also an essential talent. Dignitas’ RL coach John “Virge” Willis provides the following demonstration of air rolling:

Rank Diamond to Champ (Rank up fast in Rocket League)

The best players are developed in this area. Champ isn’t quite as well-known today, especially in 2021, as it was when it served as the last barrier before Grand Champ. Supersonic Legend made it a little simpler to become a Champ, but that doesn’t make it any less of an accomplishment to do so in Rocket League. To get to this rank, you still need hundreds and hundreds of hours of work. The following three abilities will help diamond-level players succeed:

Dribbling is Lifesaver

The ability to dribble (and later flick) while holding the ball on top of your car is essential. Roof dribbling is the best approach to control the ball. Your best friend here is free play. You should repeatedly practice simply catching the ball on top of your car until you can reliably do so while moving your car. The ball won’t need to touch the ground if done correctly.

The easiest approach to develop power on the ball while maintaining complete control becomes to flick from this position. The majority of players in 1v1 games will become accustomed to this, but it’s an excellent spot to practice dribbling in actual game conditions. However, it is also quite useful in 2v2 and 3v3.

Defend Off the Wall

Great back-wall defense is one aspect of every RLCS game that you can count on. Before this, the majority of defense typically entails rotating to the back post and clearing to the corners. That’s still a useful drill, but since the balls are now going toward the back wall, being able to clear from atop the wall prevents attacks from happening in the first place.

Since the balls on the back wall will be coming directly at you, the mechanic is a little different than it is from a side wall. There are many good training packs to practice this particular kind of defending, but as you advance in the ranks, it will ultimately be the best strategy to stop goals from being scored.

Learn to Aim

The ability to position the ball correctly from the ground is, in my opinion, the best skill, despite the importance of all other skills. RLCS also displays it. Not spectacular aerials or flip resets, but properly placed shots on the ground or precise passing plays, are how most goals are achieved. Sure, those are frequently the highlights, but a straightforward goal counts equally on the scoreboard.

The core of Rocket League is aiming powerfully towards the corners and knowing which corner is harder for the opponents to defend. Better passing is also a benefit of this goal. More goals will be scored overall if you can hit a teammate coming in over taking a shot that is likely to be blocked because opponents are watching the goal more than teammates in Diamond.

Even though it’s easier said than done, here is where having a reliable squad to play with might help you rank up.

The Dream of Grand Champ and Supersonic Legend…

I don’t think it’s fair to act as though I know what I’m talking about given that I’ve never attained such rankings. Right now, I’d say to simply keep practicing and grinding.

By the time you reach Champ, you will have undoubtedly mastered every facet of the game. It simply requires persistence, strength, and engaging in enough games to advance. It won’t be simple, but that’s why we play games like this in the first place.

that is all for now on How to Rank up in Rocket League. Also, read How to do Aerials in Rocket League.

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