How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum

How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum‘s Ritual Stones puzzle can be quite challenging, especially if players are having trouble identifying the necessary hints.

How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum

After the events of The Hobbit, Gollum relates his own story in The Lord of the Rings: Gollum. The weird creature departed the Misty Mountains after losing the One Ring in a game of enigmas in order to try to recover it. Sadly, his search took him to Mordor, where Sauron’s army seized and imprisoned him.

Later, Gollum succeeds in leaving Mordor, but he is captured by a band of Elves and brought to the Mirkwood before he can reclaim his freedom. In The Lord of the Rings: Gollum’s eighth chapter, Mell, a blind Elf, assigns him the duty of discovering what transpired at the six Ritual Stones in the hopes of escaping once more.

Here is Gameophobic with the complete guide on How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum. Stay tuned till the end to find out the best way to solve the Ritual Stone Puzzle.

How To Solve The Ritual Stone Puzzle In The Lord Of The Rings: Gollum

Gollum and Mell arrive at the edge of the Mirkwood’s Haze around the end of Chapter 8: Her Eyes, but before they can proceed, players must work out a fairly challenging conundrum involving the six nearby Ritual Stones.

Mell will tell Gollum about her last trip to this part of the Mirkwood, where six of her comrades met their demise when she arrives at the tree in the middle of the Ritual Stones. Mell has to recall where each of her companions stood before they died in order for the plot to move forward, but since she is blind, Gollum will have to do the bulk of the legwork.

Players must select between the Cautiously close eyes and the Trust Mell prompts before Gollum can start looking for the solution. Players are free to select whatever option they prefer because both options result in the same result.

Elf With Staff: Eristor

To find out what happened to Mell’s comrades, players must use Gollum Sense once they have control of Gollum again. When Gollum Sense is on, each Elf’s trail will be marked by a pattern of glowing blue swirls, which when followed will generally reveal information about who left the tracks.

Gollum will locate Eristor’s Staff by following the first blue swirls to the east and around the tree; by going the other way, he will arrive at the northwest Ritual Stone, where players must interact with it and choose the Elf with staff option.

Players are free to roam the region after discovering Eristor’s location to locate the five Elves that were previously there. Players should check the location of each Ritual Stone on the in-game map if they are having trouble determining where each hint leads.

How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum

Elf With Knife: Dondopher

When Gollum moves away from the tree to the northwest, he will come to a little lake and be able to interact with some Blood on the ground. He will next discover a blade’s hilt by plunging to the bottom of the lake and jumping in.

Between the western and southwestern Ritual Stones, on the way back to the Ritual Stones, is a Knife. Mell will interact with it and inform Gollum that the sword belongs to Dondopher.

Following the trail will bring players to the southwest Ritual Stone, where they must choose the Elf with Knife option when they interact with it.

Barefoot She-Elf: Turien

Gollum will discover a pair of Turien’s Boots adjacent to the beginning of a little stone bridge as he makes his way south from the southwest Ritual Stone.

The Footprints hint can be located next to the yellow flowers close to the water’s edge by turning east and moving toward the slightly smaller lake.

These Footprints can be followed using Gollum Sense to the southeast Ritual Stone, where players should choose the Barefoot She-Elf option.

Elf With Bow: Celon

The northern lake is where Gollum will discover a tree branch he can climb and jump to. Then he must jump to the branch directly behind it, turn to the right, and jump to the wall’s vines, where he will locate Celon’s Bow.

Gollum will arrive at the western Ritual Stone after following the path back to the tree. Players must select the Elf with Bow option while interacting with it.

How to Solve the Ritual Stones Puzzle: The Lord of the Rings Gollum

She-Elf With Feathers: Priann

Gollum should return to the lake in the southeast part of the area and utilize the stepping stones to go to the little island in the middle to locate the two remaining Elves. He can approach the big stones and engage with the stone Faces there.

The Feathers clue can be located on the area of the ground that is somewhat red by following the trail that leads east. When Mell interacts with it, Smeagol will learn that Cethil was the only Elf who didn’t wear feathers; instead, she had “beautiful braids.”

Players must engage with the eastern Ritual Stone and choose the She-Elf with feathers option by returning to the tree after following the blue swirls there.

She-Elf with Braids: Cethil

Players can interact with the northern Ritual Stone and choose the She-Elf with braids option to solve the puzzle once the first five Elf locations have been found. The Haze will subsequently be broken with Mell’s help, allowing her and Gollum to finally exit the Mirkwood.

To find the collectible in this section, players should head south and cross the tiny stone bridge where they discovered Turien’s Boot before Mell starts to walk toward the exit.

Move between two big trees to the south of here to discover a secret place. He will come to a dead end if he continues the path and find the Shard Collectible on the ground there.

Players will have to choose between lulling Mell to sleep and forcing her to leave in a multiple-choice scenario before the chapter is through. Players should carefully weigh both alternatives because they both have a relatively big impact on what happens in Chapter 9.

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