Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough: The Legend of Gollum in Lord of the Rings: Gollum is a tale of the battle that each one of us faces within ourselves. It is all about our choices, the right decisions lead to Smeagol and the wrong ones take us down the path of Gollum.

In Chapter Seven of The Lord of the Rings: Gollum, you are taken to Gollum’s cell in the Elven-King’s Halls after an elaborate flashback through the game. Even though the elves are better kidnappers than orcs, they do not appear to want to let Smeagol free so he can continue looking for Precious.

You can sneak into places where you shouldn’t be without being seen if you use this Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough. There are many new locations to explore, but you’ll get adjusted to the new setting fairly soon.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Objectives Walkthrough

Hello and welcome to our Gollum walkthrough for The Lord of the Rings. We’ll walk you through Chapter 7 of Good as Fish this time.

Gollum is in his cell when the chapter opens. The elves eventually appear to release you, and you accomplish your first goal.

Follow the Elves

As you ascend, stick with the elves, and enter the garden. You simply need to wait for the elves to mention a hidden river path to receive a new goal outlining the route. When you reach a large gate, follow the waypoint to the river route.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Find a Way Out

Take the stones that are laying around and toss them towards the lantern to frighten the guard off so you may sneak up behind him and down the stairs. Using the entryway, slip by the security personnel after going down the stairs. You may find the river by continuing to the waypoint from here. Reach the river’s end by swimming across it, then hold onto the ledge to your right. Pull yourself up, and while you’re looking to your left, you’ll see a ladder. Using the ladder will start a quick cutscene.

Backtrack, then leap in the direction of the land bridge on your left. There are two options to consider here. The first is a sprint wall, however, you must first jump at the large pillar in front of you. By holding onto the ledge, you can ascend it to the summit. Jumping backward will cause Gollum to grab onto a climbable wall once you reach the top. Go all the way up and then all the way left from there. Move past the elliptical balcony and ascend. You will need to climb for a considerable time without a foothold, so be sure you have enough endurance.

Move to the left, grip the wall’s ledge, and climb to a high viewpoint. You can approach the edge and take in the view. After finishing, descend the climbable wall and cross the river to the opposite side. Keep to the left of this region as you travel forward, then sneak behind a lone elf in front of you and slip by him by entering the river. Continue walking until you come across a waterfall, then climb the nearby wall.

From this point on, proceed up the waterfall by following the yellow waypoint. Gollum cannot succeed since the current is too strong in this area. All you have to do is hop from rock to rock till you come to a sprint wall. Run over the wall, jump to the bar, and swing around to the opposite side. Jump backward and sprint through the cave in the direction of a bar. Cross over and approach the ledge, then ascend and leap backward. After landing on the following ledge, jump backward. At the top, leap in the direction of the climbable wall, grab the bar there, and swing around to the other side.

Fish Bones can be found here. From here, return to the bar and proceed in the direction of the yellow waypoint. As soon as you arrive, leap forward and grab the ledge. The climb to the yellow waypoint is rather steep, but there are no novelties or treasures to be found. Until you come across the elves, stick to the waypoint. Follow them when instructed, but dive in as soon as you spot the water. A tunnel will be found far underground; enter it, and when you emerge on the other side, the collectible Brooch will be there.

Return to the water, where you can catch a fish to earn the achievement “And now we wish…”

Talk to Mell

When finished, enter the Subterranean Garden through the entrance and then the Cellars. Turn left to descend one level, then right to go further. The Animal Figurine collectible can be found on a table in the cellar. Return to the top, proceed to the waypoint, and look through the window.

When the action is over, turn around and up the stairs. Go through the tunnel after scaling the wall. Check the door, the bell chimes, and then the door once more. Talk to the cook by following the waypoint. While you observe the action, bring the drink to the blind elf. Re-engage the elf and consume the snail shell.

Visit the pond in the Subterranean Garden. This will start the sequence in which the elf speaks to Gollum telepathically.

Sneak up to the Queen’s Waterfalls

Follow the waypoint and ascend in the direction of the yellow waypoint. You must ring the tower bells, the elf will instruct you. You can see a sprint wall to your left that leads to a ledge if you look forward. Go all the way left and drop down on the ledge. The valuable Piece of Marble can be found there.

Return to the ledge and pause in the center. A wall covered in plants and glowing purple will be visible. Climb up, run against the sprint wall, and then leap backward. Get to the top and exit through the window. Grab the ledge, turn to the left, and climb. This will open a different window for you. Ring the bell and enter. Look down towards the waypoint from there, then jump down to the pond. Start from here and scale the walls.

To get to the ground, go up and then to the right.

Chambers of the Riddlemaster

To start a conversation with Mell, approach the door leading into the Riddlemaster’s chambers. Blow out the candle on the table, then go into the rooms. Once inside the chambers, proceed forward before turning left to enter the room that has the wood sculptures. Gollum will grumble about splinters as you get closer to the room’s corner; this will also unlock the Splinter collection there.

Follow the waypoint, then talk to Mell in the basin. Examine the bottles in the space by scaling the ledge. On the ledge, look to your right and grab. To locate the Shiny Button collectible, pull yourself up. Take the Shell and stick to the waypoint. Talk to Mell when you return to the basin.

Climb up to the Glittering Grotto

Leave the chambers by following the waypoint. The second tower resembles the first one quite a bit. Ring the bell after ascending to the summit. Jump to the pond, then scale the wall. Climb the pond’s wall as well. Take a left glance, then run around to the other side. Climb the wall here, then dive into the river. Swim up to the large gate up ahead and land there. There, you can find the Harp String memorabilia.

Return, cross the river to the other side, and scale the wall. Utilize the sprint wall and scale the left-facing walls. Here is a sprint wall that is vertical and goes to a ledge. When you reach the solid ground while still hanging from the ledge, move to the right edge, leap backwards into the bar, and travel to your right. Climb the wall, leap to your left, then a second leap to the ledge. You will receive a new objective if you ascend.

Get the Silver Bell

Play the harp in the building’s huge room to cause the ceiling’s large chandelier to begin whirling. This will enable you to leap off of it and toward the pillars before climbing to the top of the chandelier to ring the bell. From here, all you have to do is skulk around and hear what the king and Gandalf are saying. Use the door in the space where they had their last chat to leave when you or they are finished.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough

Escape from the King and Find a way back to Mell

As you move clockwise around the area, hide beneath tables to avoid being seen by security. When the guard in front of you turns around, move to the right after hiding behind the wine bar. Crawl behind the guard who is watching that side and swiftly dive behind the curtains before he turns around.

When you can slip past the guard at the entrance to the room where Thranduil and Gandalf are debating, continue circumnavigating the space counterclockwise. It might be wise to wait until Gandalf leaves the room before entering because there will be one less set of eyes to hide from.

Keep to the right; there are more guards there, but you can still escape; if Thranduil ever spots you, it’s game over. Use the door in the right-hand corner to leave.

Talk to Mell by entering the Cellars. To speak with Mell and open the door, insert the missing bell into the chime bell. You will then need to guide Mell. Lead Mell to the waterfall inside the Garden. Wait for her to finish what she’s doing, then enter. View the scenes by opening the door.

And that wraps up our Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Chapter 7 Walkthrough.

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