Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Riddlemaster Mirror Puzzle Solution

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Riddlemaster Mirror Puzzle Solution: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum‘s climactic segment begins in Chapter 9. You’ll need to unearth secrets concealed from even the shrewdest elves and use them back in the halls of the Elven King. At the Midsummer Festival, you will explore several familiar places as well as a sizable new space.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Riddlemaster Mirror Puzzle Solution

The difficulty of the game increases at the conclusion, along with a jittering puzzle presented to us by the Riddlemaster. You can find all the details of the chapter and Lord of the Rings Gollum Riddle Master Mirror Puzzle Solution in this article along with full chapter walkthrough.

From this point on, not everything will be evident, so keep this guide open and close by as you play!

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Riddlemaster Mirror Puzzle Solution

Take the fish that the Cruel Elf left for you and the egg that is on the table, then head back to Mell’s cage. In order to chat with the cook, Neldis, go outside and upstairs. She will direct you to the garden so you can search for light stones.

Utilizing the same path as before, ascend to the garden’s summit and take the first stone. You will overhear Thranduil speaking with the guards. The Larial growing behind the bench can be picked once you return to the main garden area and listen again.

Inform the guards standing by the fire that you are prepared to go. Go with them to the gardens of the Elven King. Turn around and climb up the wall after they open the door to the tower and exit by the rear door. The path is the same as the one you took to flee in Chapter 7. Pick the mistletoe at the top that has a horde of Truthlings around it.

You’ll arrive at the Riddlemaster’s Chamber right away. Examine the mirror in the bedroom’s far corner by the window. Turn the disc on the table to your left upside-down, then make sure the candles by the fountain and the one above the window are lighted while the third is out. This will modify the way the room behind you looks.

When everything is in order, look at the mirror once more, and a hidden door will be visible. Follow the passageway inside, then look at the peculiar marble in the fountain below. Return upstairs after the cutscene to chat with Mell by using the fountain there.

How To Climb the King’s Oak

Give Neldis the two stones before leaving the house. You can also pick up another fish that has been left for you at Mell’s jail by going there. When Neldis instructs you to, ignite the faint lanterns, and then enter the circle of lights.

When you’re prepared to go, speak to Neldis once again to make plans to attend the King’s Oak celebration. Go straight ahead and cross the bridge to the right after arriving there. Then, go back to Neldis after speaking with the elves on the bench.

Get Neldis to chat to the elves by the tree using the Smeagol response, and then follow her. Go through the passage they were obstructing when the elves have left. Climb the wall inside to reach a scaffold outside the tree; from there, you can continue to climb using the ledge above you and to your right.

To reach a wooden walkway, ascend and turn left. Go left at the fork to gather the Garland, then go back and take the right path. A well-hidden drop just past the bifurcation should be avoided because it will send you back to the base of the tree, where you will have to climb back up.

When you come to the end of the path, look for a ledge in the tree’s trunk and start climbing up. Turn right, jump to the platform on the following branch, then jump once more to reach a third platform. Turn around after stepping out onto the sizable limb that is free of bark, and you will see the following ledges above you.

Climb up, then leap backward from the top platform to another bare branch to enable you to jump to the next level, which is above and to the right of you. At the fork in the road, take the left branch.

Because there are no ledges to cling onto in this area, jump counterclockwise along the barren branches. Take a running jump off the branch’s end to reach the next one when Gollum remembers to use caution. Take the wooden platform on the left, close to the trunk, to continue after the lengthy jump.

When you reach a set of four swing bars, use them to bridge the opening. After that, look at Gwendil’s carving on the right to start a cutscene.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Riddlemaster Mirror Puzzle Solution

How To Escape the Orcs

Get return to the base of the tree fast by using the previous path’s opening (straight behind you). Keep quiet because an armored orc is just outside! Be cautious of the orc carrying a lantern close as you crawl into the flowers on the left.

Cross the walkway and gather the stones there when the lantern orc isn’t watching. To extinguish the ground-based lantern to the left, hurl one at it. When it’s safe to do so, go back across the walkway to the lantern that’s been put out before hiding in the nearby flowers.

Through the tight spaces, crawl to the right. A few orcs with lamps are patrolling the area, but you can avoid them if you keep in the flowers and move cautiously. You might even be able to kill one or two by yourself.

An armored orc guarding the exit of the corridor is watching you; toss a rock at the metal sphere next to him to get his attention so you can sneak by. Just past him is a ladder that ascends to the woods above.

Crawl to the end of the branch once you are up there and look to the left. You can hang from a ledge that is visible on the branch of the tree directly above you. Utilize the new branch to leap to the climbable trunk to the right after climbing up it.

To exit the area and come to a conclusion for the chapter, follow the branches to a short route on the cliffside.

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