Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Walkthrough

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Walkthrough: The Lord of the Rings: Gollum‘s journey through Mirkwood while being chased by The Beastmaster and the Cruel She-Elf is the game’s concluding chapter.

There are numerous stealth and climbing sequences, as well as a very challenging puzzle, in this game. Most of your game-related decisions will come to fruition in Chapter 10, even though the overall conclusion is the same.

This Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Walkthrough guide includes a step-by-step tour of the whole chapter, including the answers to the chapter’s puzzles and a way through the orcs.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Vs Cruel She-Elf Walkthrough

The Chapter begins with Gollum trying to escape the Elven Prison and run away. Although, the segment where the Beastmaster shows up is presented later in the chapter, allow us to elaborate on the entire Chapter 10 of Lord of the Rings: Gollum.

How To Escape the Elves

As you proceed through Mirkwood, look to your left until you come to a sizable climbable wall. Use it to ascend and proceed to the next level. After passing through a huge hollow log, another one will appear. You can eat the two snails on the second log to restore your health.

You can descend the cliff to where the elves and orcs are wrapping up their combat between the two logs. When the coast is clear at the bottom, continue straight ahead after remaining in the flowers. Reach the climbable vines on the opposite side of the tree trunk by hanging from the ledge at the end.

As you land in the flower garden at the base, climb up the tree and down the other side, being cautious not to wake any elves. To get to the next climbing wall, use the path to the right.

You can climb the tall tree that is seen at the summit of the ridge. You will land in front of another part of the trunk that can be climbed if you head up and execute a running jump from the scaffolding at the top. Utilize it to get to the swing bar, then leap from one trunk to the next to the following series of platforms.

Run up the next wall and jump backward off the edge of the hanging ledge there, then wall run and jump to the next platform. You’ll catch some vines to delay your descent even if it’s a steep drop.

Turn around and descend onto the destroyed bridge from the other side of the tree trunk. You can reach a collectible by clearing a long leap on the right with a running start. After taking it, turn around and proceed on the left-hand path.

Return to the woods by ascending and turning to the left until you reach a point where you may jump back to a thin branch. To catch the swing bar there, move to the right side and jump there. Jump to the branch in the opposite direction, then turn right.

Beastmaster Vs Cruel She-Elf Walkthrough: Whom to Kill?

The Cruel She-Elf and the Beastmaster are engaged in a standoff when you crawl through the opening at the end of the ruins. It’s entirely up to you, and it doesn’t come up again, but throw a rock at one of them to get their attention so the other may shoot and kill them. Countless orcs are approaching from behind the Beastmaster’s position in either case.

Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Walkthrough

So, now it is time to save your skin and run for your life, let us show you how.

How To Escape the Orcs

To get across, dive into the water to the right of the bridge and move rapidly. Although it’s not exactly the path the game wants you to go down, this approach is quicker and far more effective than attempting to grab the swing bar above.

You must sprint up the wall in front of you because pausing will allow the chasing orcs to catch up to you. Jump over the gap in front of you and then make a right-wall run. Jump up and to the right to find a ledge and then do zig-zagging backward hops to cross the next gap.

To avoid the oncoming orcs at ground level, climb up the wall at the far end and continue along the road until you reach a ledge on your left. Climb up on it, then proceed swiftly but cautiously up the branch to the left.

Continue along the branches until you reach the trail’s conclusion, then leap to the ledge across the opening. Run through the tunnel in front of you after climbing up and using the swing bars to get ahead of the orcs below you.

Hang over the cliff’s edge at the other end of the tunnel and descend to the platform below. You can climb up the right wall till you come to a swing bar. To get to the ruins the Riddlemaster mentioned, take the path up top.

Although the end of the game is near, being able to choose the fate of the Beastmaster is an important turning point which follows through to the end of the game itself.


This is where our Lord of the Rings: Gollum: Beastmaster Walkthrough ends. Remember that regardless of whom you decide to save among the two of them, there is a huge Orcs army waiting for you at the end of this section of the story. Therefore, we suggest you focus on that instead.

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