Mobile Data Consumption: FAU-G

FAU-G which is an abbreviation of Fearless And United Guards FAU-G game. It was released on PlayStore India on the 26th of January 2021. This was a much anticipated rival of the Battle Royale game Pubg Mobile. It is an action game for mobile that has been made in India, by Bangalore-based company nCore Games. Mobile Data Consumption: FAU-G will be discussed herein.

In the first day itself, FAU-G crossed 1 million downloads on playstore. That shows the amount of excitement Indians had for this game. The mobile game triggers the patriotic feelings of the player. Its very first level starts with a face-off and engagement of Indian Army with Chinese troops in the Galwan Valley. The game started with only campaign mode. It follows the journey of an Indian army officer who is separated from his team and is on a mission to find them.

Android users must know that the game is compatible on the Oreo version of the platform that is Android 8 or above. So, if you own a three to four-year old smartphone, then the game will not run on it.

Mobile Data Consumption: FAU-G

The game can be downloaded from PlayStore, it requires 460mb of free space at the time of installation. Despite being an action packed game with decent graphics, the data usage of FAU-G is not more than 25-30 mb for 45 minutes of gameplay. This consumption is not too expensive in this era of internet and smartphones. Mobile Data Consumption: FAU-G is affordable by anyone having a smartphone and a stable internet connection. In some of the adverse conditions, when one needs to lower the mobile data usage more there are ways to do that. The graphics of the game can be reduced so that the processor can process freely and mobile data usage can be lowered more.

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