Remnant 2: First Boss Guide

Remnant 2: First Boss Guide: Remnant 2 allows users to enjoy everything this new installment has to offer by donning their post-apocalyptic attire. The game has one of the most enjoyable fighting systems, complete with fluid gunplay and soul-like components. Some players may have trouble with the latter early in the game because it can be difficult. The Root Mantis, the game’s first boss, isn’t the hardest one, but it might still be challenging for some players.

Remnant 2: First Boss Guide

It will take you a minute or two after you’ve launched Remnant 2 and created your character before you begin to see action. Your introduction to this souls-like looter shooter begins at the tutorial area. In Remnant 2, The Root Mantis awaits you at the extremity of this region.

Let us quickly review Remnant 2’s first boss battle and the best strategies for defeating it in this guide. By the end of this fight, you can stay on your feet by utilizing some of the counters we will discuss in relation to its move set.

Where to Find the Root Mantis: The First Boss in Remnant 2?

The first region of the game is where you and Cass will find The Root Mantis while you search for Ward 13, a safe haven and the last holdout of civilization.

After learning how to play Remnant 2’s controls and other mechanics, you’ll face off against a few easy foes. Following a cutscene, Clementine and Bo will be introduced to you and will walk with you through the sewer region.

The Root Mantis is located at the very end of the root-filled sewers.

Remnant 2: Root Mantis: First Boss Guide

Even though this battle will not be the hardest in the game, it won’t be the easiest either. Fortunately, you have some assistance to defeat it. The NPCs will appear initially as you enter the Root Mantis lair. The fight will start when it falls from the ceiling and grows enraged. You should remain on the sidelines and aim far away when this occurs. When the Mantis is glowing red, you should shoot, and you should aim towards the glowing area. It is wise to maintain some distance from the boss as you have not unlocked any traits or even a class yet.

Keep your ammunition in reserve and only fire when the boss is glowing. If the boss is not in the glowing phase, your bullets will cause little to no damage. This battle would undoubtedly be simpler if you had an unlocked Archetype, but given that it is only the beginning, at least the NPCs are available to assist.

It should not take more than a few minutes to win this battle. Use your dodging skills if the beast approaches you too closely.

Remnant 2: First Boss Guide

The Root Mantis uses the following set of Attacks against you:

  • Slashes (both horizontal and vertical) – Easily avoidable by going to either side.
  • Charged Attack: Very deadly if you get caught in the charge and use it to get to the other corner of the arena.
  • If you keep firing from a distance, the Root Mantis may be able to dodge your shots.
  • Ranged Projectile (like a laser) – This assault injures you and knocks you out cold.

Simply maintain a safe distance from the boss, wait for it to focus on your squad, and then deliver damage to its head and eyes. Wait for it to approach slightly closer before avoiding it by dodging to either side once it recognizes you and charges.

If you dodge too soon, the boss will alter its course and hit you regardless of your dodge. Continue to roll while you run away from it. then inflict the most damage possible. Continue until the bad guy is defeated.

Remnant 2: First Boss Rewards Guide

As a reward for eliminating the Root Mantis in Remnant 2, you will receive the following items:

  • Knowledge Tome (Trait Point)
  • Root Ganglia (a substance used to make various weapon modifications)


Your first boss in Remnant 2 is now defeated. From this point on, things will only grow harder, so always maintain your heart in top shape.

Before setting off to conquer other worlds, it would not hurt to get some good early-game gear. So, while you are there, take the MP 60-R SMG from Ward 13. It is a fantastic secondary weapon that you can enhance to become even deadlier.

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