The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Spider Tunnels Walkthrough

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Spider Tunnels Walkthrough: Prepare yourself for a harrowing expedition as we delve into the depths of the Spider Tunnels in ” The Lord of the Rings: Gollum.” This chapter of the game plunges players into the heart of Gollum’s world, where an overwhelming fear takes shape in the form of a colossal spider, lurking ominously, double the size of our diminutive protagonist. 

The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Spider Tunnels Walkthrough

As we navigate these treacherous tunnels, the presence of this monstrous arachnid becomes an ever-present threat, instilling a sense of dread and urgency in our quest. Together, we must confront the darkness, unravel the mysteries, and ensure Gollum’s survival in this pulse-pounding adventure.  

However, fear not, for The Lord of the Rings: Gollum Spider Tunnels Walkthrough is made to provide crucial assistance and strategic guidance to navigate this perilous journey alongside Gollum. Brace yourself for the daunting challenges that lie ahead, as we embark on a gripping quest that will test your courage and resolve like never before.

Gollum’s Journey: Navigating the Spider Tunnels in The Lord of the Rings- Walkthrough

In this chapter, players will venture into the treacherous lair of Shelob, the monstrous spider. Follow our guide to navigate the tunnels, overcome obstacles, and make crucial decisions to progress through the game.

The Spider Tunnels chapter takes place in Shelob’s Lair, also known as Torech Ungol, a complex of tunnels guarded by the formidable spider. Together with Gollum, we must navigate the tunnels, evade dangers, and confront Shelob.

Exploring Shelob’s Lair

The chapter begins at Gollum’s cave, where players can inspect various drawings on the stone walls. Leaving through the same tunnel as before, follow the bird to trigger a cutscene and encounter Grashneg, a fellow prisoner. Proceed through the tunnels, being careful not to be spotted by enemies.

Follow the Grashneg

As you follow the Grashneg through the walls and ledges, exercise caution to avoid being detected. At one point, you’ll be prompted to save the Grashneg by pushing a trunk, triggering a cutscene. Hide in the grass to avoid an orc patrol and proceed towards the waypoint. Move the ladder to create a path forward.

Lead the Grashneg into Shelob’s Lair

Continue following the waypoint into the light, and once on the other side, activate Gollum’s intuition ability to find the path marked with orange lines. Along the way, the Grashneg will ask a question, and players can choose to respond as Gollum or Sméagol. Gollum will dismiss the question, while Sméagol will consider it. The choice influences the narrative but does not impact the outcome of the chapter.

Traversing the Tunnels

After receiving a new objective, crawl through the tunnel on your right. On the other side, drop down and grab onto a ledge, then leap to the right and backward. Leap to the left, where you’ll find two possible paths. The waypoint indicates the left path, but there’s also a sprint wall to the right. Follow the sprint wall until its end and jump backward to reach a ledge. Pull yourself up to discover a tunnel leading to the Orc Tooth collectible.

Lowering the Bridge

From the collectible location, look down and to the right to find a lever. Pulling the lever will lower the bridge, allowing you to lead the Grashneg across. Utilize Gollum’s intuition to follow the orange lines, guiding you all the way to the spider nest and beyond. Be prepared for a challenging climb up a long, climbable wall.

Confronting Shelob and Making Choices

As you emerge from the climbable wall, a hole in the floor triggers a cutscene. Now, you’ll face a crucial decision: whether to abandon the Grashneg or escape with him. Your choice may have an impact on future chapters, but it ultimately leads to the same outcome for this chapter. Players can select different responses based on Gollum’s characteristics.

As Gollum, players have the option of responding to the Grashneg’s situation with callousness, vengeance, or spite. These choices reflect Gollum’s self-serving and malicious tendencies, showing a lack of empathy and disregard for others.

On the other hand, as in Sméagol, players can choose to respond with a sense of understanding and compassion. The options presented are unnecessary, unjust, and can’t blame Grashneg, reflecting Sméagol’s kinder nature and desire for fairness.

Escaping Shelob’s Pursuit

Regardless of the chosen response, players must escape Shelob’s relentless pursuit. The camera will focus on Gollum, providing a clear view of the approaching spider. Jump over spiderwebs and avoid them by moving sideways. Constantly jumping will expedite your escape. Once you reach the end, grab onto a ledge and proceed right, then upward.

Final Confrontation

Continue ascending through climbable walls until you reach the other side and grab onto a ledge. Jump backward and grab onto the climbable walls once more. At each turn, jump backward to maintain your distance from Shelob. The chase sequence continues until you trigger a cutscene where the Grashneg calls out to you. Choose any response, as it doesn’t affect the outcome. This marks the end of the Spider Tunnels chapter.


Congratulations on successfully navigating the Spider Tunnels chapter in “Lord of the Rings: Gollum.” Through our walkthrough, you have witnessed the tension, challenges, and choices that awaited Gollum in Shelob’s Lair.

As the story unfolds, the fate of our conflicted protagonist hangs in the balance, influenced by your decisions. Prepare yourself for the next thrilling chapter as Gollum’s journey continues, fraught with danger and unexpected twists.

Remember, if you need further guidance or have any questions, don’t hesitate to visit Gameophobic. May your path be guided by intuition and wisdom as you uncover the secrets of Middle-earth in this unforgettable gaming experience.

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