Voice Chat Not Working In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Guide

Voice Chat Not Working In Texas Chainsaw Massacre Guide: Does the voice chat feature of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game not work? Being an entirely online game, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre game allows you to interact with other players to flee. You could find it a little more difficult to find the necessary getaway items without voice chat, such as the fuse to repair the fuse box or the valve to repair the water pump.

The voice chat in the game has been broken ever since it launched. The majority of people appear to be able to communicate without any such issues. However, those using PCs appear to be having problems. Fortunately, there are a few fixes you can attempt in order to restart your voice chat. Here is a complete guide onVoice Chat Not Working In Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Voice Chat Not Working Fixed Guide

There are several reasons why voice chat in Texas Chainsaw Massacre is not working. It’s advised to reset your router or modem for a steadier connection because voice chat performance can be affected by slow or unreliable internet connections. Players should monitor the official social media accounts or website for updates on the server status as voice chat may also be affected by game server issues.

It is necessary to leave the party chatbefore attempting to utilize voice chat in the game in order to fix the problem that being in a party chat disables in-game voice chat. Players should make sure their microphone is plugged in and working correctly because microphone-related issues are frequently to blame. Last but not least, it’s important to always play the most recent version of the game because older versions may cause compatibility problems. To stay updated, periodically check the game’s store page for updates.

Voice Chat Not Working In Texas Chainsaw Massacre [Guide]
The instructions below should help you fix the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game’s voice chat bug.

Make Sure You Have a Stable and Reliable Internet Connection by Checking Your Internet Connection. Problems with voice chat can result from sluggish or inconsistent connection. To strengthen your connection, try rebooting your modem or router.

Make sure the microphone works: To make sure your microphone is functioning properly, test it by making a voice recording or having a chat on a separate platform. Ensure the microphone is turned on and correctly connected to your computer.

Examine in-game Voice Chat Settings: In the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game, look at the voice chat settings. Verify your microphone is set as the input device and that voice chat is enabled. These choices are in the Audio section of the game’s options menu. For continuous microphone access, change the microphone setting from “Push to Talk” to “ON”.

Audio driver updates: Voice chat problems may result from outdated audio drivers. The best place to update your audio drivers is the manufacturer’s website. By entering the name of your audio equipment in a search engine, you can look up the manufacturer’s website.

Restart Your Computer and the Game: Restarting your computer and the game might sometimes fix small difficulties with your PC’s audio settings. To restart your computer, click the Start button and choose “Restart”.

Consider reinstalling the Texas Chainsaw Massacre game if the issue does not go away. All game files will be deleted and then installed again from scratch.


These techniques should help you solve the “Texas Chainsaw Massacre Game Voice Chat Not Working” issue and take advantage of smooth communication within the game. For more such guides, do not forget to check out Gameophobic.

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