Where to Find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact

Where to find Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact: Genshin Impact dandelion seeds are handy little things, and you will be needing the help of our location and farm route guide if you want to ascend Jean and Eula!

The Genshin Impact Dandelion seeds are a Mondstadt specialty that has a variety of purposes aside from the Dawn Winery’s famed dandelion wine (you have to taste it, I hear). They are required to fulfill tasks, commissions, and requests, as well as ascension and crafting ingredients for specific goods and characters. So, it’s rather useful.

Collecting these bad guys is simple breezy, dandelion wine squeezy with the aid of our Genshin Impact Dandelion seeds tutorial. You’ll be fluttering around and farming so fast that Mondstadt won’t know what hit it, with all spawn locations, how to catch them, and what they’re used for. And collecting these tiny suckers could just help you find those missing Anemoculi while also leveling up your Statues of the Seven.

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What are Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds are a local speciality from the lands of Mondstadt that are used for crafting items, gardening, and most importantly the character ascension in Genshin Impact. Dandelion is one of the collectable items for players to collect in Genshin Impact.  In the game, Dandelion seeds are referred to as ‘A small seed which flies through the air. Even without its wings made of feathers It still holds the possibility of hope from far away.’  In some sense, the Dandelion seeds represent the spirit of love and freedom.

Where to find Dandelion Seeds?

Dandelion Seeds are found all over the Mondstadt region because they are considered to be a local collectible. They can be harvested using Dandelion Plants, which grow all over Mondstadt. Though dandelion seeds are found scattered all over the grassy plains of Mondstadt, the easiest place to harvest them is just outside Mondstadt city, along with the northern area of ​​Bishui Plains near the Stone Gate. Dandelion Seeds are also purchased from NPC Karpillia (a game NPC), who runs the Sailing Breeze shop in Inazuma. Players can purchase up to 5 supplies of Dandelion Seeds from her once every three days for a cost of 60,000 Mora. This is the only item Karpillia sells in the game, but the high cost of purchasing dandelions makes the harvesting of seeds easier for players.

In order to collect the dandelion seeds, a player must use an Anemo ability on the Dandelion Plant. The Anemo attack will remove the seed from the stalk of the plant and allow you to gather the seeds. It is always advised to keep at least one character on your roster that is able to use Anemo attacks or it will be very difficult for you to harvest the seed as an Anemo ability is a requirement for harvesting seeds. 

The most common location to find Dandelion seeds is the Mondstadt gates where they can easily be spotted and collected. Here is a table which tells the number of seeds found in each region-

Uses of Dandelion Seeds in Character Ascension

In Genshin Impact, two five-star characters require the Dandelion Seed to ascend. Jean, the Anemo healer, and Eula, the explosive physical damage dealer, are among them.

With 168 Dandelion Seeds, both Eula and Jean may be completely ascended.

With certain common farming paths, players may acquire 33 Dandelion Seeds in Genshin Impact in under six minutes.

Dandelion Seeds are not widely distributed in Teyvat. As a result, they are among the rarest ascension materials in Genshin Impact.

Use of Dandelion Seeds in Crafting

Dandelion Seeds are used as an ingredient in the following three items:

1) Windbarrier Potion

For 300 seconds, the Windbarrier potion enhances all party members’ Anemo RES by 25%. To make this potion, players will need one Dandelion Seed, a Crystal Core, and 100 Mora.

2) Gushing Essential Oil

Another potion that helps Anemo characters is Gushing Essential Oil. It increases all party members’ Anemo DMG by 25% for 300 seconds.

This potion takes a Lizard Tail and 100 Mora to make.

3) Anemocolus Resonance Stone

The Aneomcolous Resonance Stone is a consumable item and one of Genshin Impact’s strongest exploration tools.

In Mondstadt, the resonance stone may be utilized to locate neighboring Anemocoli. These Anemocoli are required for Venti’s Statue of the Seven to be upgraded, which offers the characters prizes and stamina.

This item may be made by combining five Dandelion Seeds, five Cecilia Flowers, one Crystal Chunk, and 500 Mora.

Overall, Dandelion Seeds are excellent for Genshin Impact players that rely on Anemo characters. They must grow these seeds on a regular basis.

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