Which Agents Are Best for Using Operator in Valorant?

Which Agents are best for using Operator in Valorant: Operator is one of the best guns in Valorant. Besides Marshall, the Operator is the only sniper offered to you in the game. It takes a lot of time to master and can lead to a poor gameplay experience if you are not used to handling big guns.

Which Agents are best for using Operator in Valorant?

Best Agents for Using Operator in Valorant

If you are reading this article, you must have the desire to control this massive force of destruction and rule the battle arena. While we may not be qualified enough to coach you, we are a team of Valorant enthusiasts with a lot of information to offer. So here is a ranked list of Agents in Valorant who are best suited to wield the Operator for you.

Which Agents are best for using Operator in Valorant?

5. Sage (Best agent to use Operator for beginners in Valorant)

Coming in at number 5 out of all the deadly gunners in Valorant, Sage has an extensive set of capabilities to help her hold angles from unanticipated spots. While she might not be as mobile as the other agents on the list, her Barrier and Slow Orbs are great abettors in setting her up for kills.

Why Sage is Great for using Operator?

  • Her Barrier Orb allows you to gain some height to hold angles, as players generally don’t check their perpendiculars as much as they check the ground.
  • Slow Orbs are atrocious to decelerate stampeding adversaries and help Sage pick her movement up leaving a trail of bloodied bodies.
  • Sniping is a double edged sword, with a missed shot generally meaning death or at least heavy damage takenSage has a tone– heal to let her peep again if she fails the first shot.
  • Sage is always a strong pickso use her when you have a sense of how the adversary likes to play.
  • Getting creative with the Barrier Orb will give you can reward you with easy kills.

4. Sova

With his intel-gathering capacities, Sova can deduce which angles to hold. In terms of effectiveness, Sova ranks grandly in this order as he can use the information gathered, to guess from where adversaries are most likely to ambush.

Which Agents are best for using Operator in Valorant?

Why Sova is Great for using Operator?

  • Knowing the whereabouts of your enemy is pivotal in shooter games such as Valorant.
  • On top of the skills with the Operator, Sova can use his ultimate to continue hunting down adversaries who might have survived a shot to the toe.

3. Killjoy

Cypher is veritably analogous to Sova, albeit a slightly upgraded version. However, it highlights their figure on his screenmaking it rather simple to peep out from behind the wall and blast them with ease, If adversaries enter his Trapwire. His Spycam is also useful in spotting adversaries pushing a point as he can hide in safety until he knows adversaries are within his range.

Why Killjoy is Great for using Operator?

Killjoy is one of the most popular sentinels in Valorant, capable of holding off enemies alone until help arrives. At first glance, the Operator might seem too much for her to handle, but we assure you that She is one of the best Agents to play this weapon with.

  • During the defense, Killjoy uses her Turret to lure enemies out, allowing her to deal heavy initial damage as the enemy charges in.
  • You can easily take players out while they are distracted by the Turret.
  • In case the enemy manages to push in, this can again be brought to a halt using Killjoy’s Nano Swarm ability.

In attack rounds, Killjoy is an excellent flanker and can take care of far-off enemies, providing an effective support radius to the team.

2. Omen

Shrouded Step, Paranoia, Dark Cover, and From the Shadows, Omen comes equipped with a strong toolkit for outplaying eventuality. Using his Shrouded Step is crucial in playing Operator with Omen, as you can hold advanced and off-angles that other agents cannot. His Dark Cover smoke also gives him some time to figure out where the adversaries could be.

Which Agents are best for using Operator in Valorant?

Why Omen is Great for using Operator?

  • His biggest strength is his mini-teleport, Shrouded Step, which allows him to hold angles from unconventional spots
  • Omen’s other capacities are of great use to the platoon and himself when holding or rushing a point

Pick Omen if-

  • You’re in a serious mood to outplay and outmaneuver your opponents
  • The enemy team is better at attacking. Because Omen’s smokes will help decelerate rushes and give him further time to make the right picks

1. Jett (The best agent for professionals to use Operator in Valorant)

It’s extensively known that Jett is the most nimble agent in Valorant. And it’s precise because of her evasiveness that we decided to put her at the number one spot. Like Omen, Jett can use her Updraft to get advanced ground. Her ultimate ability, however, is using a combination of all her capabilities and her control of the Operator.

Jett can hold extremely aggressive points on the map, as she can double down just as quickly in the case of a missed shot. Her arsenal allows her to stay alive and take shot after shot. It takes some skill to master Jett, but the rewards are satisfying if you do.

Why Jett is Great for using Operator?

  • Her Headwind and Updraft allow her to take aggressive angles that other agents simply can not risk
  • She can get down from a bad trade with a simple gusto andre-peek the corner for an alternate pass
  • Her rather short-lasting smokes give her room for outplaying implicitly

Pick Jett if-

  • You have full mastery over her. Opponents tend to have a tough time with a good Jett
  • A good Jett will make a strong impact on any chart, but creativity and spitefully fast revulsions are crucial

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