How to Get a Gun in Among Us

If ‘sus’ and ‘vent’ mean anything to you, Then you must be an avid Among Us player. But in case you haven’t, let us shed some light on it before proceeding to understand what Among Us is and how to get a Gun in Among Us.

For the uninitiated, Among Us is the late bloomer of the year 2020, launched back in 2018. The concept is simple, just like a game of Cluedo, but on a spaceship with Crewmates and Imposters, comprising four to ten players. The Crewmates perform Tasks that are spread all across the maps, while the Imposters attempt to sabotage their mission and kill them in the process. Killing is an exclusive perk that the Imposters have in the game to defeat the crewmates and be victorious.

How to get a Gun in Among Us

Can you get a Gun in Among Us?

If you are familiar with popular multiplayer sensations such as PUBG or Fortnite, you may assume that kill must be attached to some kind of weaponry or perhaps even a Gun

Well, we feel sorry to break it to you, but Among Us does not offer any kind of Gun accessory in the game mechanics for players to use. On the flip side, Imposters are provided with a simple Kill button to execute the Crewmates.

Where to find Guns in Among Us?

On the other hand, this also doesn’t mean that you cannot locate a few of these bad boys anywhere in the game. There are two instances in which the players are associated with a Gun. Let us tell you specifically where and how you can get a gun in Among Us (but not use it).

Armory Tasks

Until last year, there were only three maps available in Among Us. However, that changed with the arrival of the Airship map. It is the biggest Among Us map ever and also brings a whole new variety of tasks for the Crewmates to indulge in. In the same map, under the Armory Tasks section, there are two very specific tasks that allow you to get a hold of guns. These are:

  1. Put Away Pistols: Upon entering the Armory in the Airship map, pick up pistols placed on the table on the southeast side of the room. You are supposed to take them to the highlighted area and drag and drop them.
How to get a Gun in Among Us

2. Put Away Rifles: It is identical to the pistol task, but with Rifles this time, and we would like to add that they are some of the cutest rifles that we have ever laid eyes on.

How to get a Gun in Among Us

Do note that these are Crewmate-specific tasks that can only be performed when assigned to you.

Imposter Kill Animation

In case you are wondering whether InnerSloth has been unfair to Imposters by not providing them with a gun, think again. Because the Imposters in Among Us do get a cooler version of a Gun, and even use it to murder Crewmates.

The animation for Gunshot is, according to us, the most violent kill animation in the game. It is brutal, it is gory, and it is ADORABLE!

The Imposter pushes over its target to the ground, and while they lie there on the ground, helpless, speechless, BANG! It’s a gunshot to the head. We kid you not when we say that you absolutely must experience it yourself. The entire execution has such a ‘Hitman’ vibe to it that we couldn’t help but fall in love with it.

Unfortunately, as is the case with Crewmates, the Imposter has no control over what kill animation might pop up upon securing a kill. It is a randomly generated animation that cycles between a few presets every time the Imposter kills.

We appreciate InnerSloth for providing a somewhat experience to Crewmates and Imposters when it comes to handling a gun. Although, a rifle for the psychotic killer might not be that bad of an idea.

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