What are all the Visual Tasks in Among Us

What are all the Visual Tasks in Among Us? There are only two ways for Crewmates to win in Among Us. Either they complete all of their tasks collectively before getting slaughtered by the Imposter, or Vote and Eject all the imposters before… Well, you guessed it, Slaughtered, AGAIN!

What are all the Visual Tasks in Among Us

At the start of every round in Among Us, Crew members are assigned certain tasks that they must complete if they want to win. The catch is, there are psychotic Imposters roaming the hallways, ready to kill. Although, it is more likely that the crew members wont have enough time to finish all their tasks before being murdered by the Imposter. And then the whole blame game starts. In order to prove your innocence when sussed, Visual Tasks help a lot. These can also be used to discover innocence of any crew members since the imposter cannot complete tasks.

What are Visual Tasks in Among Us

Visual Tasks are specific tasks that appear on your To-do list when playing as a Create. These tasks have a graphical representation that is visible to everyone else. Imposters on the hand, cannot fake performing Visual Tasks for obvious reasons.

Watching crewmates perform these tasks is concrete proof that they are innocent. On the other hand, if a suspected Crewmember fails to perform these tasks, other players might vote them out. For that reason, many hosts prefer to keep Visual Tasks off to make the game more challenging for the Crewmates. If you are not like them and want to know all of the Visual Tasks in Among Us, this article is for you. We also went ahead and explained how they work for your ease.

There are only four Visual Tasks for now in Among Us. While most of them are Map specific, one is available across all three. Yes, three, Airship doesn’t have any Visual Tasks.

Here is a list of all the Visual Tasks in Among Us-

  • Clear Asteroids (available at The Skeld and POLUS)
  • Submit Scan (available on all three except the Airship)
  • Empty Garbage/Empty Chute (available at The Skeld and Mira HQ)
  • Prime Shields (available only at The Skeld)

Upon completion of any of these tasks, an animation is displayed, indicating someone has completed a visual task. Remember that only the players near the location of the task can see it being performed. Read on to understand how these tasks work for the time next you are in a pinch, or simply want to help a teammate out.

Clear Asteroids

Clear Asteroids task is accessible through the Weapons Bay area on the Skeld and Polus. Once begun, that task will take you to a green screen where you must destroy 20 asteroids by clicking on them. When you are about to complete, others will be able to spot missiles being fired.

What are all the Visual Tasks in Among Us

Although this task is also available at Mira HQ, there isn’t any visual confirmation provided, making it a regular task specific to that map.

Submit Scan

Available across three of the maps, Submit Scan is located at different locations in each one. On the Polus, its located in the Laboratory, while on the Skeld, it is located in the Medbay.

You will need to stand on top of the scanning area for about ten seconds or so while the computer scans your entire body. Only one player can, however, perform this task at a time. Others who wait can see your body being scanned up to down while waiting, signaling your innocence.

Empty Garbage/ Empty Chute

Empty Garbage and Empty Chute might be listed as two separate tasks in the game, but these are pretty similar to perform. The differentiating factor is where these two-step tasks start. In the case of garbage, the cafeteria is the starting point and for the chute, you will begin in the O2 room. The second step of both tasks will take you to the storage.

What are all the Visual Tasks in Among Us

You need to pull on the lever on the left side of the screen and hold it down until the trash has disappeared. All the players in the vicinity will witness the chute open in Storage to let the junk out.

Prime Shields

You can find the Prime Shields task in the Shields room on the Skeld Map. When you start the task, translucent hexagons will appear on the screen in random numbers from one to seven. To finish the task, you simply need to click on each of these hexagons and turn them all from red to blue. This will also be followed with an animation of light at the bottom of the ship turning yellow.

We would like to point out that once these shields are primed, other players performing the task will only see these lights flashing which they might not even notice. This makes it tricky for them to prove their innocence.

Visual Tasks help you in discovering whom you can trust. What we suggest is, you head to one of these at the start of the round and find someone performing them. stick with them to provide you with a solid alibi and win the game.

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