How many Beans do you need in Among Us?

How many Beans do you need in Among Us? The popular InnerSloth’s Among Us continues to receive love and admiration from fans. Their most recent update, which is also called Roles and Cosmicubes further cemented the game’s future among the Gen-Z. Through this article, let us tell you all the necessary details about their most popular update to date.

The latest update of Among Us introduced Roles for each player, and the Cosmicubes that offer special customizations to be unlocked. More importantly, the update also brought two new in-game currencies that players can use to further modify their Avatar’s look. Let us understand more about these currencies.

What are Beans?

Among Us developer InnerSloth has always been promoting Stars, their premium in-game currency for Among Us. Unfortunately, these can only be obtained using cash. Read more about Star in our article- How to get Free Stars in Among Us?

How many Beans do you need in Among Us?

Although it is the trend with online gaming these days, younger players find it difficult to arrange cash for Stars. They expressed that they should be provided with an easier, and more importantly, a free way to access avatar customization. In response, Innersloth later added Beans to the update. These Beans are the second Among Us currencies that we talked about earlier. The breaking news however is, these Beans can be obtained solely through gaining more and more experience in Among Us. After every round of Among Us, players are awarded Beans. It is noteworthy that Beans are awarded to every player upon completion of a round, regardless of whether they win or lose. Acquired Beans can then be used to purchase customizations in the Items Shop.

What do Beans do in Among Us?

Among Us rewards players with red colored Beans and Mira Pods after every match. These can be used for purchasing various things in Among Us. Let us take you through these exciting items.

Treat and Polus Cosmicube Bundles

How many Beans do you need in Among Us?

In the shop, there are special combo items such as Airship Cosmicube, Trick Cosmicube, Treat Cosmicube, and Polus Cosmicube. Out of these, only Treat and Polus Bundles are available in exchange for Beans.

How many Beans do you need in Among Us?

Here, you can spend all your Beans on cosmetics if you so choose. Both the Cosmicubes offer exclusive types of Nameplates, Costumes, and Pets.


The Visors all look similar to some extent, with minor differences. These are available to provide a little touch of uniqueness.


Skins give your avatar a wrap-up. It’s like clothes for tiny people. Cute right?

How many Beans do you need in Among Us?


There are also loads of Hats available for purchase. These were our personal favorites as well.

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