How to Vent in Among Us

How to Vent in Among Us? Playing Among Us as an Imposter can be daunting and rewarding at the same time. It can be quite difficult to lie to friends and seem innocent in the eyes of the players. As an Imposter, you have access to several special abilities in the game. You can kill crewmembers in cold blood, commit acts of sabotage using the sabotage map that is only provided to the Imposters, and even frame someone else in the process. The imposter also gets a larger field of view as compared to the crewmembers. They can also use the Vent system to make quick escapes from the scene of the crime, or simply to hide from suspecting Crewmates.

All the maps featured in Among Us provide you with the ability to use vents to your advantage. Even though the movement through these vents is somewhat limited, being an expert in Venting is a must if you want to win the game. Here is an article on How to Vent in Among Us along with special pro tips from us.

What are Vents in Among Us

You must be somewhat familiar with Vents and what their purpose in Among Us is. They are quite popular as they provide you with an easy option to escape. And Venting is the name given to the Imposter’s ability to use these freely.

How to Vent in Among Us

The Vent button appears on the screen when you get close to one, as an Imposter. You can easily be spotted jumping into the vent if you decide on using it, so be mindful of any suspicious players that might be lurking to catch you red-handed.

On Mira HQ and the Skeld, far-off Crewmates will be able to spot the Vent door opening and closing, but more often than not, they miss seeing the player who vented. Once inside, directional arrows appear which indicate where the Vent will take you on the map. Note that as long as you stay hidden in there, your kill cooldown doesn’t move until you exit.

List of Vent in Among Us

To guide on where every Vent in Among Us is, here is a detailed list-


How to Vent in Among Us
  • In the Engines Rooms, connecting to the Reactor room
  • Admin and O2 rooms, connect to the cafeteria, and each other.
  • Electric room, Medbay, and Security rooms in a circle
  • Navigation has two vents on either side that lead to the Weapons room and Shields respectively.


  • Electricity, Reliability, and O2 all form a circle.
  • Northeast to Northwest Corridor.
  • Research Laboratory and the Administration are connected to the Port and lead to the South Corridor.

The Airship

How to Vent in Among Us
  • The Viewing Deck and Vault are connected to the Cockpit.
  • Two entrance points in the Gap room connect to the Primary Hall.
  • Circle of Vents in Engine Room and Kitchen.
  • Circle of Vents connecting Records and shower.

Mira HQ

  • The Vents scene in Mira HQ is the most favorable to the Imposter. It is a highly connected map when it comes to Vents.
  • Every room has a Vent as well as, can lead you anywhere you desire.

How to Vent in Among Us without being the Imposter

In the earlier versions of the game, Vents were escape routes specifically designed for the Imposters. This changed with the Roles and Cosmicubes update that was released last year. The Roles introduced with the update changed the game mechanics to a great extent.

Out of all the introduced roles, the Engineer is the only Crewmate with access to the Vents other than the Imposter. They can use it to travel throughout their network and hide from Imposters if need be.

In case you drop in a match of Among Us as an Engineer, we would recommend two simple strategies for you to follow,

  • Use vents to escape or hide from imposters. Remember that they can too, enter a Vent that you are using, so be careful.
  • Avoid vents that are near Crewmates. If you are seen venting by others, it might make them suspicious of your activities.

How to change Vent Cooldown in Among Us

With the introduction of Engineer, InnerSloth also introduced the Vent cooldown timer in the game. Although it can only be changed by the Host before starting a game, the default timer is set at 30 seconds.

In order to use Vents, engineers are first required to complete some of their tasks to recharge the Vent meter. As soon as they do, they can use venting as an option. Once they do, they will need to wait for 30 seconds, or whatever time the Host has set before they can enter the Vents again. Although, the engineers can only use vents for a limited number of times, if your tasks are complete, you have no way of recharging your Vent meter, hence locking you out from them.

The Art of using Vent in Among Us

The concept of Vents is somewhat similar to secret passages. Only the Imposters are allowed to freely use the Vents. When you as an imposter get close to one, the Sabotage button will be replaced by Vent. Click on it to use the Vent. You will need to be extra cautious while Venting, one wrong move and they will be spotted, immediately being confirmed as the Imposter. This is also true if you disappear from one room and appear in another without having to take the usual route.

You must also be careful of your movements right after emerging from a Vent, if others happen to catch you leaving a room that you were not seen entering in the first place, it is Game Over buddy. Be vigilant, cover your tracks, and be aware of your surroundings are all we can suggest.

Some Tips and Tricks to use Vents in Among Us

  1. Take note of all the security cameras on the map. If someone is monitoring them, a red blinking light can easily be spotted on top of the cameras. These watchers can easily spot you if the vents lie in the field of view of the camera. If the red light is off, it is safe.
  2. Make sure not to vent out of a room nobody saw you entering, if you go in from the west and come out from the south, Crewmates are bound to suss you.
  3. Hiding inside a vent can be advantageous, however, both sabotage and kill cooldowns pause inside. Hence, hiding inside and waiting for your next prey might not be an option.
  4. Remember to always close the doors, if there are any, before venting. This will provide an extra layer of protection from being spotted.
  5. Everything in excess is bad. Avoid using vents to travel frequently early on in the game as it only increases your chances of being caught.

That is all there is to know about Vent in Among Us, try to stick to the guidelines, become an unbeatable Imposter, and make us proud!!

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