How Do You Change Your Kill Animation in Among Us

How do you change your Kill Animation in Among Us? Whether you are the murderous Imposter, or the innocent Crewmember, one thing is certain, you find the Kill Animations in Among Us to be the best that the game has to offer.

How do you change your Kill Animation in Among Us

This article will tell you all about the Kill animations in Among Us and how you can change your Kill animation in Among Us. To make things even more interesting, we have included the list of all the kill animations in Among Us.

Kill Animations in Among Us

For a simple, beautiful-looking multiplayer game with rounded characters, Among Us, has some of the most extreme executions in recent years. It includes some fairly gruesome animations that are frequently shown when an Imposter hunts someone down. As the premise dictates, a parasitic shapeshifter Imposter has infiltrated the team of Crewmates. Killing is the basic aspect of an Imposter in Among Us. While striving to live, the crewmates are assigned tasks to be completed along with the mission to capture and vote out the Imposter who is preparing to kill each and every one of them.

How to change Kill Animation in Among Us

Among Us offers a slew of animations that are specific to killing. what we mean to say is, there are some pre-defined animations that start playing when an Imposter makes a kill. These animations depict some of the most violent kill showcase to let the victim know they have been taken out.

These animations pop up in a totally random order and as of now, there is no legalized method through which they can change or choose the kind of animation they want displayed for their kills.

Slap and Blast

If you prefer not to die repeatedly just to see those kill animations of Among Us, we have got everything that you would want to know right here. So, sit back and enjoy reading.

How do you change your Kill Animation in Among Us

Rail Gun (Best Kill Animation in Among Us)


Sorry if we couldn’t hear you over our super human rail gun being fired off. Shooting lasers out of your mouth that instantly obliterates the enemy? Now that is one awesome power to hold.

Brain Poker

Is it your tongue? Is it your bone? Or is it because you are an alien? Well, whatever ‘thing’ that is, it’s sharp and capable of instantly incapacitating your target. It might not sound murderous enough, but for the silent assassins within us, it’s the perfect crime.

How do you change your Kill Animation in Among Us

InnerSloth describes its Imposters as tiny beans that are alien parasites. This animation is the closest you can get to establishing fact in that lore. While all other animations are much more ‘human’, this Kill Animation definitely raises some questions.

Neck Snap

Well, what need be said about this classiest of the classic murder techniques? Pop culture is filled with enough references for snapping the neck of your victim. It is violent, it is brutal, it is Among Us.

How do you change your Kill Animation in Among Us

The Backstabber

The most accurate visual representation of the game. This inhumane act of murder is definitely in resonance with the theme of Among Us, that is, deception lies and backstabbing. The imposter mercilessly commits the heinous crime with a simple knife, but with all his might.

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