What are Among Us Electrical Tasks?

What are Among Us Electrical Tasks? The Electrical Room is easily accessible to everyone on almost every map in Among Us. It offers numerous tasks, some Long and some short. These tasks are there for the Crewmates to perform and are collectively referred to as Among Us Electricity Tasks.

What is Among Us Electrical Task

When it was popularized back in the year 2020, Among Us was accepted as the best Social Deduction Game of all time. the game has come a long way since then. New Maps, Exciting new cosmetics, brand new Roles, and Mechanics upgrades, are just some of the features that the developer IneerSloth has introduced to keep the gameplay exciting for the players.

What Are Electrical Tasks and Where to Find Them

The Imposter might seem like the star of the show most of the time, but being a good Crewmate is just as crucial. They need to complete their tasks before the Imposter can get to them. To do so, they need to be familiar with the tasks and their areas of interest.

What is Among Us Electrical Task

Some of those chores lie in the Electrical Room, they are more or less similar for each map, so here we are with a detailed guide for Electric Tasks in Among Us.

Fix Wiring

What is Among Us Electrical Task

One of the most iconic Tasks in the Electrical Room would have to be this one. There is a high chance of you getting assigned this task very frequently. The Skeld and Polus maps offer the same task to the players. If they are assigned a Fix Wiring task, they will most definitely have to start in this room.

Open the Wire Panel, there you will see four wires on both sides of the screen. You need to drag out the wires to match their counterpart on the opposite side. And that’s it! Although you will have to do the same task in a couple more rooms, And That Is It!!

Calibrate Distributor

While it does take a bit of time to get a hold of, Calibrating Distributors is a pretty straightforward task. Concentrate on the moving rings and press the respective buttons at the perfect time. Now do it twice more without failing and you will be done.

What is Among Us Electrical Task

Divert Power

Divert Power is a Short Task and is available on both the Skeld and the Airship. It is however a two-step Task, remember that.

The first stage will always take you to the Electricity room. Go to the highlighted panel and open it to reveal a bunch of switches. The one you want will already be highlighted, drag on it. The slider you move will have the respective room’s name on top of it, go there to finish the final stage of the task.

Download Data

Another fan-favorite task in Among Us is the Download Data and Upload Data tasks. The Electrical Room can have this task on The Skeld or Polus maps.

Walking up to the panel on the wall, you will be prompted to initiate the Download. This takes around 10 seconds to complete. This also is a two-step task with the next step always ending in the Admin Room.

Reset Breakers (Longest Among Us Electrical Task)

Reset Breakers is the third longest task in Among Us. It has a total of seven stages and is only available in the Airship. The task is rather simple. There are seven levers scattered throughout the room, they are all numbered. You must pull each one of those levers in the correct sequence. Be very careful as pulling the wrong lever will reset the task.

The downside of performing these tasks is the fact that the Electricity room is among the few Imposter-friendly rooms in the game. The tasks, while simple is still time taking, and time is the one thing that Imposter needs to pick and kill each one of the Crewmates. On top of this, the Electrical map in every map also houses a Vent. These vents make killing and escaping feel like a walk in the park for the Imposter.

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