How to Sabotage in Among Us

How to Sabotage in Among Us: If you are familiar with Among Us, you must be tripped by the idea of Sabotage. It is an Imposter-exclusive ability that lets you interfere with the Map in creative ways and delay the missions of the Crewmates. Read on to understand what is Sabotage and how to Sabotage in Among Us.

How to Sabotage in Among Us

Players love taking on the role of the murderous Imposter. It grants them special abilities which make the game somewhat Imposter friendly. One such tool is Sabotaging; it is very helpful in putting Crewmates into disarray and disposing of them one by one.

What is Sabotage in Among Us?

Imposters can run around the map while sneakily messing with the systems and doorways, allowing them to pick off the Crewmate one at a time. With careful and considerate use of Sabotage, you as an Imposter can make your life significantly easier and win the game as well.

How to Sabotage in Among Us

When it comes to using Sabotage, It’s pretty simple really. Press the Sabotage button side of the screen, this will bring up a special map available only to you as an Imposter. Clicking on different sections of the map will trigger different kinds of Sabotage such as Reactor Meltdown, Closed Doors, Electricity Malfunction, etc.

How To Sabotage in Among Us?

There are various ways in which you can use your ability to sabotage in Among Us. Each of these has a specific effect on the map, we have listed all of them below for your convenience-


When Communications are sabotaged, crewmates will no longer be able to see their tasks or use the security systems. This can only be fixed through the Comms Room.

How to Sabotage Comms in Among Us

Most of the maps make very little use of the Comms room as they just disable the cameras and the task list for the crewmembers. Disabling the Comms at the beginning of a round ensures that the Crewmates are distracted with fixing them. If you wait too long, they might be done with their tasks, which will mean they can focus on sabotages more.

How to Sabotage in Among Us

The one exception to this rule, however, is Mira HQ. The Comms sabotage, in this case, deletes all the data of the door log and ignores any new ones until fixed. This might not seem useful at the start of the game, although when fewer players remain, it is easier to clear the entries and cover your tracks.


You can sabotage every door on any map causing them to close off completely. This is a great way for trapping your victims or stopping others from discovering bodies before you have had a chance to escape.

How to Sabotage Doors in Among Us

Closing doors is very useful to slow down others. As crewmates lack this ability, they are completely at the mercy of the Imposter. You can easily divert people to different rooms or keep them away from certain areas. Sabotaging doors in general also disrupts Crewmates’ missions.How to Sabotage Comms in Among Us

One major advantage that Door sabotage has over others is its repeatability. That’s right! You can sabotage doors whenever and wherever you want. You could theoretically close all the doors on the map. However, if a major sabotage such as O2 or Reactor is used, all the sabotages including the doors go into cooldown.


Sabotaging the Lights will minimize the Crewmates. Field of Vision. Unless they stand right next to someone or something, they will not be able to see anything. Your vision as an Imposter is not affected by it, giving you an advantage over your unsuspecting victims. This can only be fixed through the Electric Room present on the map.


The ship will expel all its oxygen when you sabotage the O2. Messing with the O2 also takes longer to fix as the crewmates are required to enter passcodes at two separate locations on the map before the timer runs out. If they fail, it’s an immediate win for the Imposter.


Just like O2, Sabotaging the Reactor also is highly capable of throwing Crewmates into a frenzy as they will have to fix the Reactor before the timer runs out. What’s more, The Reactor Sabotage needs two players to fix it at the same time. Therefore, we advise you to use this ability to sabotage later in the game when the players are short in number. It almost guarantees an easy win.

Make sure not to stand near any Vents or Points of Interest when you want to sabotage, as the button will otherwise be replaced with the respective action of the point of interest.

In case you feel like polishing your sabotage skills, you can do so using the free-play mode built into Among Us. Simply get close to the laptop in the lobby and open the ‘Be Imposter.exe’ Folder to enter free-play mode.

How to Sabotage in Among Us

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