How Tall are Among Us Characters

How tall are Among Us characters in real life?

Have you ever wanted to lie, deceive or even murder people trapped in a sci-fi setting as tiny bean-shaped Astro-scientists?

Well, the game developer Inner Sloth’s 2018 release, Among Us is exactly that. Run around beautifully designed 2D maps as an Imposter or a Crew Member. As a Crew Member, complete missions before the Imposter gets to you. The Imposter can use the various in-game strategies to chase and kill the crew members one by one and look awfully cute while doing so.

Various ways to kill in Among Us

Whether playing a Crew Member or the Imposter, you must have wondered how tall are the characters, these cute little armless astronauts are when compared to a human…or maybe yourself? Perhaps wondering if they can kill you when you are not looking?

We have done all the research so you as players can focus on improving your lying skills, cause in this game, your life depends on it. This article will answer all your queries regarding the height of Among Us characters and let you in on a secret in-game technique by which you can find out all the physical details of your beloved psycho-killer.

Are Among us Characters Tall?

According to the game itself, every Among Us character is 3 ft 6 inches tall. That is roughly two-thirds of the height of an average human being. This has further been confirmed by an official tweet from its developers.

How tall are Among Us characters

What’s more exciting is, you can hop into the game right now and check it out for yourself. What you gotta do is just follow these simple steps.

Remember, the only way this will work is, if you as a Crew Member, are assigned the task of ‘Submit Scan’ and the map is ‘Skeld’

If the above conditions are met, head to the MedBay which is located to the left of the Cafeteria. Once inside, navigate to the bottom-right corner of the room where the ‘Submit Scan’ icon will appear. Start the task, in only about 10 seconds, you will be greeted with the entire physical data of your character such as height, blood group, name etc.

Submit Scan task in Among Us
Submit Scan Task

Among US Trivia

The mysteries surrounding Among Us are scarce. However, we have collected a bunch of information and trivia about the game which help you better understand your serial killer friend.

What kind of maps are available in Among Us?

We begin by telling you about the maps that are facilitated to you in the game by InnerSloth.

  • The Skeld
  • Mira HQ
  • Polus
  • Airship

The spaceship in which the Among Us game was first introduced to us was the Skeld. The developers describe it as the spacecraft which is being used to transport the crewmates home from a mission in far-out space.

Mira HQ is the second map of the game. the crewmates in this map are described to be working for an organization called MIRA. an imposter has infiltrated the ranks of crewmates to hinder their research.

Polus is a research facility so far away in space that it’s been untouched by any imposter…or is it?

ranking number one in terms of size, the latest addition to the maps among us is the Airship. It is actually based on the spaceship used in the Henry Stickman series of games by the same developer. Although, it doesn’t seem to be directly related to Among Us in any way.

What are the names of Among Us characters?

You are given the choice to input a name of your choice in Among us while choosing your avatar, but, it might interest you to know that all the characters in Among Us have their own name, to begin with. these names are based on the colors that they adorn. Here’s a list of the same:

Color IDName

Are Among Us character Aliens?

Most of you might assume these little troublemakers as human beings, but that might not necessarily be true.

As mentioned in this article, the characters in the game are all 3’6″ tall and weigh around 92 lbs. this can further be confirmed within the game itself. The only possible way they can be to humans is if they are children or dwarfs. Because their height and weight are both under, compared to an average human being. However, they are all physically identical, which may be due to them being aliens, or even genetically engineered puppets sent away to conduct research by the human race!

Can the characters in Among Us change outfits?

A very interesting cosmetic feature of Among us is the ability to choose a variety of uniforms and hats within the game. They can be applied as skin onto the characters in order to provide a unique touch to your avatar. The choice of skins in-game is also vast, you can make your character be anything from a fireman to a police officer and even a robot.

That’s everything you will need to know about the Among Us game in order to get started. How tall are Among Us characters? How many colors are available to choose as player gets into the game? What kind of cosmetic upgrades can be found within the game itself.

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