How To Get Restriction Cord in Remnant 2?

How To Get Restriction Cord in Remnant 2? Those who enjoy living on the edge of conflict but don’t mind a little extra protection in Remnant 2 should think about getting the Restriction Cord.

The Restriction Cord plays an important role in Remnant 2 as a strong Ring and accessory. This one-of-a-kind gear prohibits any sort of healing that exceeds 50% of the wearer’s maximum health, making it an exciting challenge for gamers looking to hone their survival skills. Furthermore, the restraining Cord provides a significant benefit by lowering all incoming damage by 10%.

In this post, we have set out to tell you all about the Restriction Cord in Remnant 2 and how to get it. Keep in mind that items such as this are meant to support your gameplay and not change it in some drastic manner. So, do not forget to keep improving your skills in order to reap the most benefit from the Restriction Cord in Remnant 2.

What is Restriction Cord in Remnant 2?

The Restriction Cord is an accessory item that can be donned in one of the Ring slots. When equipped, it prevents players from healing more than 50% of their maximum health and reduces 10% of all incoming damage. This ring will undoubtedly make the game more difficult, and it is one of the items that players who want to put their talents to the ultimate test should obtain.

How To Get Restriction Cord in Remnant 2?

The Restriction Cord Ring, created by the ancient Vaunnt, is a wearing device that limits your healing in return for damage reduction. It “restricts the wearer from healing above 50% of their maximum health and reduces all incoming damage by 10%.” To the untrained eye, such a pricey boost appears to be a negative purchase, yet those interested in creative builds will undoubtedly seek this Ring.

How to Get the Restriction Cord in Remnant 2?

The Restriction Cord is a rare item found in the game. To obtain this item, you must travel to Yaesha’s perilous world. The Restriction Cord is an important ring that grants you additional abilities. Unlike other objects, you cannot produce it; you must locate it while exploring Yaesha. This increases the game’s excitement and unpredictability.

Rings are extremely essential in Remnant. They assist you in becoming stronger and protecting yourself. Rings also grant you specific boosts that improve your abilities and help you avoid injury. The Restriction Cord is unique because it performs something different. When your health is extremely low – only 50% of your maximum – this ring prevents you from healing. This makes the game more difficult and forces you to think carefully about how you play during intense battles.

Remnant 2 Restriction Cord Location

To find the Restriction Cord, you must first obtain entrance to Yaesha, an overgrown jungle-like area filled with adversaries such as the Corrupted Ravager and Mantagora. The location of this Ring may differ for you, however, based on three rerolls we conducted throughout our game, we have always discovered it in The Forbidden Grove. The reason for this is that we were always encountering an NPC merchant named Bedel of The Vaunnt in this location.

How To Get Restriction Cord in Remnant 2?

Fortunately, Bedel of The Vaunnt should not be far from The Forbidden Grove’s starting point. In reality, we always located him down the linear walkway that went directly to the portal’s spawn place. Speak with Bedel, and he will assign you the duty of tracking down the Corrupted Ravager. After finishing his dialogue, you can go to his shop and buy the Restriction Cord in Remnant 2. The Ring cost 500 Scrap in our playthrough, which is practically nothing after a dozen or so hours.


When equipped, the constraint Cord essentially reduces the wearer’s healing potential to less than half of their maximum health. It also has the extra bonus of decreasing all incoming damage by 10%.

With the Restriction Cord in hand, adventurers can face the trials of Remnant 2 with confidence, knowing they have an advantage in both survivability and fighting proficiency.

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