Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide

Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide: If you’ve been playing Remnant 2 for a while, you will know that the game provides you with a plethora of resources from various regions. Some materials can only be obtained in a single location, although others, such as Lumenite Crystals, can be found on every planet save Ward 13.

Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide

Remnant 2 is a high-octane third-person shooter and action role-playing computer game developed by Gunfire Games and released by Gearbox Publishing. This game, the much awaited sequel to Remnant: From the Ashes (2019), was released in July 2023 for PlayStation 5, Windows, and Xbox Series X/S gamers.

Lumenite Crystals are the rarest substance in Remnant 2 and one of the most powerful currencies. This tutorial will teach you about the most effective farming tactics for Lumenite Crystals. They can be useful for a variety of purposes, including leveling up your Mutators.

What Are Luminite Crystals in Remnant 2?

Lumenite Crystals are extremely important in the game. They are used to improve various weapons, armor, and customizations. They are also useful for purchasing items from the Ward 13 shop.

Lumenite Crystals can be used to level up Mutators that go into the slot of your weapons, giving them extra perks.

Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide

You will need more of these crystals for weapon upgrades as you go through the game. You can’t count on collecting them organically to meet these needs, but there are a few proven methods for swiftly farming a ton of these crystals.

When you begin exploring Remnant 2’s first open area (not Ward 13), you will encounter a variety of Elite Enemies. Ifan adversary like these attacks you, you’ll hear a distinct auditory cue. When your player enters this enemy’s line of sight, another audio cue appears. When you defeat these opponents, you may obtain Lumenite Crystal.

Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide

This crystal does not always drop when you defeat an elite enemies, but it has a distinct golden aura around it when it does. If you encounter an elite enemy near one of the large Checkpoint crystals, engage and defeat them. This is an excellent location to begin farming Lumenite Crystals.

However, farming these crystals from random elite enemies can take a long time. This problem is resolved after you advance a little further in the game and reach the Labyrinth section, which is guaranteed to be your second world after killing the first final boss. After a while in this area, you will come to a place called Fractured Ingress.

Go up the stairs to your left while looking at the enormous portal here, and an elite enemies will spawn alongside four standard attackers. This opponent will always spawn for every player, and it has a very high probability of dropping a Lumenite Crystal when defeated.

Furthermore, the game’s final sector is named Root Earth, and it contains a location called Corrupted Harbor. You can rapidly destroy up to six elite adversaries if you pass through this place. These foes have a low chance of dropping the crystal, however, the increased number of elite adversaries compensates.

Alternate Method to Farm Lumenite Crystal Guide

For this method to work, you need to make sure that you have unlocked the Adventure Mode for Remnant 2. Open a Portal for the Lonesome world. Now here is the important part, you need to keep respawning until you find yourself in Morrow Parish.

Remnant 2: Lumenite Crystal Farm Guide

Once you get into Morrow Parish, travel and reach the gate outside Asylum. When you arrive at the Garden of Asylum, look for a shed in the left corner. A boss will be freed once you unlock that shed. Ripsaw is the name of the boss who will be unleashed. He is difficult to defeat. However, you must defeat him in order to obtain Lumenite Crystals.

  • Use a quick-firing weapon, preferably automatic. This will hept you beat Ripsaw quickly.
  • Keep an eye out for Ripsaw’s chainsaw assaults.
  • Equip a mod that increases Aberration damage, such as the Scrapper’s Scrap Shot, to improve your damage output.
  • If you are playing with a teammate, consider splitting up the jobs and having one player assault Ripsaw while the other deals with the Rat Swarms.

After defeating the dreadful Ripsaw, you will have to use Liquid Escape. Then you will proceed to the checkpoint. You can re-roll the adventure back to Ward 13 and back from here.

You will return to Morrow Perish and repeat what you learned above. It may take some time, but the benefits of Lumenite Crystals make it worthwhile.


In Remnant 2, mastering the Lumenite Crystal farm is critical for improving equipment, manufacturing unique weapons, and extending Relic Charges. By using efficient methods and killing the difficult boss Ripsaw, you can acquire a huge fighting advantage. Teamwork and efficient play with friends might help you save time. Accept the power of Lumenite Crystals to excel in your journeys and overcome the trials that lie ahead.

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