How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2?

How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2? Remnant 2 isn’t afraid of showering you with unimaginable bling as you explore its complex, labyrinthine landscapes. As you explore its various worlds, you will come across a variety of rings, from exquisite bands adorned with noble signets to a square rock covered in blood with a hole just big enough for your finger.

How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2?

One such powerful and handy ring is the Bright Steel ring. This article explains how to get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2, which is a huge help to anyone who wears heavy armor.

What is the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2?

The Bright Steel Ring is one of the best pieces of gear, allowing your character to overcome armor limits and boost evasion speed. This device, one of four rings you can equip at once, may virtually be required to confront greater campaign difficulties. However, you will need to do a lot of exploring to find this vital piece of jewelry.

The Bright Steel Ring grants your character the fastest dodge seen in Remnant 2 without any Armor Encumbrance. Normally, a number ranging from 0 to 100 associated with armor and shield items can impede your character’s motions, slowing your dodge and sprint speed significantly. This Ring works around this principle by ignoring weight values, allowing you to wear heavier gear without penalty.

How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2?

To obtain the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2, you must go and explore some of the worlds. This is a time-consuming process, but necessary if you desire the Bright Steel Ring.

  • You must go through 15 regions spread throughout the game’s five diverse worlds.
  • To complete a region, you must complete every mission within it.

Reroll the maps in adventure mode to get access to new and unique regions within each of the worlds. To accomplish your goal, you can play in solo, co-op, campaign, or adventure mode.

Following completion of the following prerequisites, proceed to Ward 13 near Mudtooth and seek out the NPC dealer named Reggie. You should be able to purchase the ring from him for 500 scraps.

How to Get the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2?

While this approach appears to work for the majority of individuals, some have stated that they were unable to obtain the ring despite fulfilling all of the essential prerequisites.

There is a possibility that an unintended bug is preventing the Bright Steel Ring from appearing in the merchant’s shop. You will have to wait for a patch update in that situation.

Bright Steel Ring Uses and Stats

A simple yet flawless ring, the mark of professional craftsmanship. Perfection in its simplest form.

“The Wanderer used to wear this ring. Not sure if it was special somehow, or if they just liked how it looked. Ha… Can’t say I ever understood what was going on in that mind of theirs!”

Attribute: Provides the user with the quickest evade roll regardless of Armor Encumbrance.

Uses: The Bright Steel Ring is used to avoid the sluggish effect that occurs with wearing heavy armor.

  • This ring is perfect if you want to develop a tanky body to absorb as much damage as possible. You can disregard and equip many armor weights with this ring without worrying about its fading effect.
  • You can quickly run, evade, and perform dodge rolls while wearing this gear to shield yourself from hostile assaults.


That was the method for obtaining the Bright Steel Ring in Remnant 2. Will you look for this ring, or will you opt with a different style? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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