Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Location and Uses

Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Location and Uses: When playing a combat-based RPG game like Remnant 2, choosing the appropriate armor can mean the difference between victory and defeat. There are numerous sets to choose from throughout the game, each with its own set of Armor, Weight, and other extra benefits.

Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Location and Uses

Everyone who has played Remnant 2 for a few hours understands that the initial play is really a warm-up for the main gameplay. Most of the items in the game can be obtained by playing in the Adventure Mode. Secret archetypes and certain types of armor are only available after finishing the game.

If you don’t get the Realmwalker Set at the start of your Campaign run, it can be one of the most difficult Armor Sets to obtain. So, allow us to give you a detailed overview of how you can find this Base Archetype in Remnant 2.

Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Explained

The Realmwalker Set is a one-of-a-kind and elegant armor set available in Remnant 2 for the Explorer archetype. It’s a lightweight armor with a weight of 21 and a respectable Armor rating of 40. Despite its resistance qualities, players should exercise caution. Because it provides very poor protection, and absorbing hits can result in considerable damage.

To get the Realmwalker Set, players must first select the Explorer archetype at the start of the game. This starter armor set includes a beret and sunglasses. This makes it a trendy choice for gamers who value aesthetics while exploring the dangerous environment of the game. While the armor isn’t the most durable in terms of defense, it still offers a viable choice for those who prefer a lighter, more agile playstyle as they explore Remnant 2’s perilous worlds.

Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Location and Uses

To begin, it is important to note that you can obtain the Realmwalker armor set in Remnant 2 in two ways:

  • Obtained while playing as the Explorer archetype.
  • Realmwalker can be purchased from the Whispers dealer in Ward 13.
Realmwalker Set: Remnant 2 | Location and Uses

Regardless of your choice, you must complete the game’s tale at least once before you can begin. So, let’s go over everything in order.

  • To begin, you must obtain a Broken Compass in order to unlock the Explorer archetype. The Broken Compass can be obtained by beating the last boss in Remnant 2, although that is not the end of the story. Then, take the Broken Compass to Wallace in Ward 13 and pay him 10 Lumenite Crystals and 1000 Scrap to have your item transformed into a Golden Compass. This is an Engram that will allow you to select the Explorer archetype in your next game. You will also receive Realmwalker armor as your initial set.
  • The second option is only available after the first has been applied. Simply, once you’ve unlocked the Explorer archetype, Whispers in Ward 13 will sell you the Realmwalker Set. Simultaneously, if you purchase this set, you can equip it on any character, regardless of the archetype. You must pay 2,725 Scrap for the full set. Fortunately, armor sections can be purchased separately:
    • Beret – 400 Scrap
    • Tunic – 1150 Scrap
    • Pantaloons – 825 Scrap
    • Gloves – 350 Scrap

Realmwalker Set Uses

This set has good attributes in addition to the style that shines out against the background of the Remnant 2 environment. For starters, the armor’s minimum weight does not impose any weight debuffs on you, making it a suitable choice for individuals who do not want to worry about Stamina. However, the cloth basis of this set renders you vulnerable to Toxins. Here are the stats you obtain with a full Realmwalker armor set for the other indicators:

  • Armour: 40
  • Weight: 21
  • Bleed Resistance: 5
  • Fire Resistance: 4
  • Shock Resistance: 7
  • Light Resistance: 9


And with that, we have come to the end of this guide on how to get Realmwalker Set in Remnant 2. It is worth noting that this Archetype requires players to be more agile and adapt their playstyle in accordance with the set if they wish to win the various battles in the game. However, there is no harm in trying, right?

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