How many Tasks are in Among Us: All Tasks Explained

Among Us is a Party style social deduction murder mystery game that can be played with up to 10 players at the same time. The players are divided into Imposters and Crewmates. The Crewmates have certain missions that need to complete in order to win the game while the Imposter runs around killing Crewmates one by one. What are Tasks and How many tasks are in Among Us? Here is a list of all the missions in Among Us explained in detail.

How many Tasks are in Among Us: All Tasks Explained

Among Us provides you with four maps to choose from, each loaded with unique missions for Crewmates to indulge in. These assignments can be easily divided into Short, Common, and Long Tasks. These classifications are based on how complex each of them is. If it’s relatively simple to do a task, for instance, that task will be called a Short Task, and so on.

Task in Among Us: All Tasks

All missions in Among Us can be easily categorized as Common, Short and Long depending on the level of their complexity.

We have gone through the trouble off listing all of those in Among Us so that you can refer to them and be mindful of your assigned missions the next time you play Among Us.

Align Engine OutputLong 
Align TelescopeShort 
Assemble ArtifactShort 
Buy BeverageShort 
Calibrate DistributorShort 
Chart CourseShort
Clean O2 FilterShort
Clear AsteroidsLong 
Divert PowerLong 
Empty ChuteLong 
Empty GarbageLong
Enter Id CodeCommon 
Fill CanistersShort 
Fix Weather NodeShort 
Fix WiringCommon
Fuel EnginesLong 
Insert KeysCommon 
Inspect SampleLong
Measure WeatherShort 
Monitor TreeShort 
Open WaterwaysLong 
Prime ShieldsShort 
Process DataShort 
Reboot WifiLong 
Record TemperatureShort 
Repair DrillShort 
Replace Water JugLong 
Run DiagnosticsShort 
Scan Boarding PassCommon 
Sort SamplesShort 
Stabilize SteeringShort 
Start ReactorLong
Store ArtifactsShort 
Submit ScanLong
Swipe CardCommon
Unlock ManifoldsShort
Upload DataShort 
Water PlantsLong 

What are Common Tasks in Among Us?

Common Tasks are referred to as the few specific assignments which every crewmate has to complete. Figuring out what the Common Tasks in each map are, can prove beneficial in deducing who the Imposter could be.

How many Tasks are in Among Us: All Tasks Explained

Each map, however, has its own set of Common assignments that players need to read about and understand, to make the practical experience more immersive and impactful. Imposters as well should take note of these common assignments as there might be keen eyes amongst the Crewmates, watching closely. If you are found not doing these, it is more than likely that you will be ousted as the Imposter.

Common Tasks in Among Us: Skeld

The most iconic Common assignments which we are sure you must also be aware of are located on the Skeld, the game’s original map.

  • Fix Wiring
  • Swipe Card

Common Tasks in Among Us: Polus

Polus has the most common assignments among all the maps available in Among Us. These missions are listed below for your reference-

  • Insert Keys
  • Swipe Card
  • Fix Wiring
  • Scan Boarding Pass

Common Tasks in Among Us: Mira HQ

The Mira HQ map contains two distinct common tasks, these are-

  • Enter ID Code
  • Fix Wiring

Common Tasks in Among Us: Airship

The most recently introduced map of Among Us also happens to be the biggest has just two common tasks which are-

  • Enter Id Code
  • Fix Wiring

We understand that this article contains a lot of information to process. The best way to soak up all the information would be to use a video guide for the same. So here is an amazing missions guide from Khrego

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